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What a great photo of the Bechtel sisters!  How I wish we knew their first names!  Notice the teeny waists – did they ever eat?  The front of the house, plants and brick sidewalk are all very nice – much better than a studio background.  Do you think the two sisters in chairs are twins?  Their dresses, shoes and jewelry are identical!

This is a postcard photo.  On the back it says AZO with four triangles pointed up – date 1904-1918.


Isn’t this a fabulous family photo?  Do you think there are two sets of twins – the two girls in dark dresses and the two boys seated in chairs?  There is no mother.  Perhaps she died in childbirth – or another common disease of the time period.  There are no names or place listed.


Four lovely ladies here – look to be related!  The photo was taken by Spafford and Cable in Bloomington, Illinois.


I love this family photo!  The little girls’ dresses are adorable.  I think the younger girl looks like her mother and the older one, her father.  What do you think?  Unfortunately no names or place.


This is a very nice family photo – unfortunately no names listed on the back.  It was made by Root Photography in Cambridge, Illinois.  Does anyone recognize this family?

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  1. I was excited to find a Kentucky Carrico photograph on your site, which is, may I say, Fabulous! I just adore the old photographs and the memories they hold. I’m not sure if Benedict Joseph Napoleon Carrico (ain’t that a mouthful!) is one of my line of ancestors, but he’s probably a cousin once or twice removed. I’ve saved his photo just in case he pops up in my research. I like nothing better than to have a face to go with a name. I’m bookmarking your site in hopes you’re possible posting more of these golden oldies!

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