Leo, Orvin and Mildred

Scan_Pic1696 1I have a sweet photo to share with you today – three siblings!  Leo, the oldest, and Orvin, middle child, are adorable in their knickers and boots!  But little Mildred steals the show!  Look at the long-waisted dress – it makes her legs look so short!  Her little white lace dress is precious, and the matching bow in her hair!

Scan_Pic1697 1This is a post card photo that can be dated 1904-1918.  Look at the stamp area.  The letters ‘AZO’, with the four corner triangles pointed up give us the information for the date.

Written on the card is, “Leo, 8 yrs the 13 Feb; Orvin, 5 yrs the 27 July; Mildred, 2 yrs the 6 Nov”.  If we only had a last name!  And a date for the photo!  Does anyone recognize these children?

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