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Thomas Madison Lillard and Mary Bright

The Advocate-Messenger, Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky

Sunday, April 24, 1983

According to a family history, Thomas Madison Lillard was born December 5, 1815, near the small town of Kirksville on Silver Creek in Madison County.  He was one of five children of Thomas Lillard, a native of Culpeper County, Virginia, and Elizabeth Rider, a native of Madison County, Virginia.  The Lillards moved from Culpeper County to Madison County, Kentucky, in 1808.

When Thomas Madison Lillard was three months old, his father died, then in 1829 his mother died.  He was 14 years old, without patrimony and with no legacy, except a clear head, an honest heart, a good constitution, and well-directed energy and industry.

He as described as six feet tall, weighing about 200 pounds.  He had dark gray eyes, a Roman nose, a good set of teeth and black curly hair.  He was a French Huguenot.  Because he only attended school three months, his reading was poor.

As a young man, Lillard worked as a drover and stock trader, spending winters in Charleston, South Carolina, and summers herding livestock to the markets in New York.

On October 23, 1848, at the age of 33, he married Mary Bright Williams, a young widow of 25 years of age of Stanford.  After spending the winter in Charleston, South Carolina, the couple returned to Kentucky on May 27, 1849.

Eight months later, Lillard purchased 200 acres of land in Boyle County, part of the present homestead.  He later added to the farm to bring it to 500 acres in Boyle and Lincoln counties.  After his marriage he turned to farming.  He raised livestock, hay, and orchard grass seed, his money crop.

The family lived in a log house on the farm un1860 when the new house was ready.

Mary Bright Lillard was born March 16, 1823, on a farm owned by her parents, John Bright and Elizabeth Morrison, in Lincoln County.  Mary Bright Lillard is described as short – about five feet two inches – and stout.  She weighed 120 pounds in her younger days and 20 pounds in her most vigorous days.  Mrs. Lillard had dark brown hair and eyes.  She was one of nine children.

Thomas M. Lillard and his wife, Mary Bright, had 11 children – Elizabeth, Sarah F., John T., Henrietta, Mary T., Pet, Katherine, Thomas, Nannie B., S. J. and William H.

The youngest sons, Thomas and Wiliam acquired Spring Hill farm at their father’s death in 1891 and kept it until 1901.

Thomas Madison Lillard, born in Madison County, Kentucky, December 5, 1815, died in Boyle County, Kentucky, May 7, 1891.  ‘The friend of man, the friend of truth, The friend of age, the friend of youth.  Few hearts like his with virtue warmed, few heads with knowledge so informed.’  His wife, Mary Bright Hillard, March 16, 1823 – April 6, 1907.  Bellevue Cemetery, Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky.

The Kentucky Advocate, Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky

Friday, May 8, 1891

The Kentucky Advocate, Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky

Monday, April 8, 1907

Shropshire Brothers Biographies

from History of Bourbon, Scott, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky

Augustus Shropshire

Augustus Shropshire, farmer; P.O. Centerville; was born July 20, 1836, in Bourbon County, and is the son of Col. Ben Shropshire of Harrison County.  He was educated at the common country schools, and was reared a farmer.  He now owns a body of 203 acres of as fine land, and as finely improved, as can be found in Centerville Precinct, and is called “Spring Hill” on account of a fine spring on the farm.  Besides doing a general farming business, he has given much attention to the breeding of fine horses and short-horn cattle, and at present has a herd of twenty-five in number, representing most of the popular families, Duke of Ashland being at the head of his herd.  Politically, Mr. Shropshire is a Democrat, and in all affairs pertaining to the general welfare of the community he has taken an active part.  For the past seven years he has held the office of school trustee.  He is a member of the Christian Church, as is also his wife, to whom he was married in February, 1864, and whose maiden name was Fanny Forrester and daughter of R. H. Forrester of Chicago, Illinois.  They are the parents of seven children:  Ida, Robert, Benjamin, Pink, Palmer, Garrett and Fanny.

B. T. Shropshire

B. T. Shropshire, farmer; P.O. Leesburg; was born April 29, 1825, in Bourbon County, Kentucky; he is the son of Col. B. N. and Nancy M. (Parrish) Shropshire.  The Shropshire family are of English descent.  Our subject was married November 22, 1846, to Miss Elizabeth Jane, daughter of George A. Smith, Esq., and from which union have been born four children:  Benjamin F., born October 11, 1847; he married Miss Mary T. Bryant, and died December 2, 1873, leaving one son, W. B.; George S., born August 20, 1849; Gabie S., born March 17, 1852; she married David R. Saunders, now of Texas, and has one child, Benjamin E.; Thomas J., born July 8, 1855; he married Miss Maggie Lonny, of Woodford County.  Mr. Shropshire is a general farmer, and owns 250 acres of land, his place being known as “Maple Grove”; himself, wife and all his children, with one exception, are members of the Christian Church; he was a Whig before the war, but a Democrat since.