Family Stories

Will of William Barton, Gentleman

from Charles County, Maryland Wills

09/05/1717 – 09/22/1717

William Barton, Gentleman, being very sick and weak of body, bequeaths to:

1.  Barton Smoot – grandson – to have Negro man “Samm” and to treat him kindly during his natural life “knowing it was my intent if the laws would have permitted to have given him his freedom.”

2.  Rachel Stone – granddaughter – to have the feather bed and furniture on which testator now lies on.

3.  Ann Smoot – granddaughter – to have 2 cows with calves by their sides to be delivered to her after testator’s death.

4.  Mary Hungerford – granddaughter – to have 2 young cows or yearling heifers to be delivered at time of testator’s death.

5.   Elizabeth Philpott – granddaughter – to have the feather bed and furniture which is in the great house room to be delivered to her at testator’s death.

6.  Barton Warren – grandson – to have 2 cows or heifers of 2 years old and 1 full share of testator’s present crop of tobacco.

7.  William Smoot – grandson – to have 1 full share of the present crop of tobacco.

8.  Elizabeth Neale – granddaughter (wife of John Neale) – to have 1 cow and calf and 40 ells of linen.

9.  Margaret miller – daughter – she and her 3 youngest children to have the other part of testator’s personal estate – named executrix along with testator’s grandson, Barton Smoot.

10.  Thomas Smoot – great-grandson, Barton Smoot – great-grandson (sons of grandson Barton Smoot) – to have the other 1/2 of the remained of testator’s estate to be divided between them.

Witnesses:  William Howard, John Jones, John Willard

Note:  the testator signed the will with his mark.

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