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Brown Family Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery

Brown Family Plot – Maple Grove Cemetery, Nicholasville, Jessamine County, Kentucky.

George I. Brown was born in Virginia in 1784.  He bought property in Jessamine County, Kentucky – quite a lot since his real estate was valued at $54,000 in 1850.  George married Sarah Perry, November 17, 1809, in Woodford County, Kentucky.  They had two sons, George and Moreau Brown.

Sarah, wife of G. I. Brown, born September 30, 1789, died May 6, 1832.

Sarah Brown died in 1832, and the next year George married Catharine W. McKinney, June 6, 1833, in Woodford County.  Since both wives came from this county perhaps there were family members living there.

In the 1850 census of Jessamine County George, 65, is listed as a farmer, born in Virginia.  Wife Catherine is 46.  Their three children are Mary Hannah, 15; William, 12; and Sally, 9.

George I. Brown, born December 11, 1784, died March 14, 1856.

Catherine lived another nine years before dying in 1867.

Catherine W., wife of G. I. Brown, born October 25, 1802, died October 2, 1867.

From this angle you can see son Moreau Brown’s gravestone on the right – with the statue at the top – and son George Brown’s would be on the left, next to the beautiful gravestone of his wife, Anne Hemphill.  A better view is in the first photo of this article.



Final Resting Place of R. T. Thornton

My posts have been meager the past few days – it is a busy time.  Our living room, kitchen, entry, hall and office were painted last week.   The office consists of three walls of bookcases – filled with books.  All those books were packed in totes, stacked in other rooms – books were everywhere!  Now I’m in the process of putting them back on the shelves – at least this has given me an excuse to sort!  More in-depth posts will hopefully come later in the week – or whenever the house is in order again!

R. T. Thornton, Standard Bearer in the 6th Reg. KY Volunteers, born October 10, 1811, fell at the Battle of Shiloh, April 7, 1862.  Versailles Cemetery, Woodford County, Kentucky.

Wedding Showcase At Kentucky Historical Society

When last at the Kentucky Historical Society I took time to photograph the beautiful wedding collage on one of the walls near the entrance.  I always look at this since it is so lovely, and now I have photos to share with you!

The wedding photographs and documents must be from Scotland since the documents are about the Aitcheson family from Rochsalloch, Scotland.  Not only is there a marriage bond, or certificate, but deeds and conveyances to members of the family.

Each bride is individually beautiful and dressed according to the time period in which she was married.

It is Appointed, Contracted and Matrimonially Ended between the Partys following, viz., William Alexander, Merchant in Edinburgh, lawful Son of William Alexander, Esquire, Lord Provost of Edinburgh, with the Special advice and consent of the said William Alexander, his father of the one Part, And Mrs. Christian Aitcheson, lawful Daughter of John Aitcheson, of Rochsalloch, Esquire, with the Special advice and consent of the said John Aitcheson, her father, of the other Part in manner following.  That is to say the said William Alexander the Younger and Mrs. Christian Aitcheson, having conceived a Mutual Affection for one another have accepted and taken and by those presents Accept and take each other as their lawful spouses and promise to Solemnize and complete the holy Bond of Marriage together with all requisite Solemnities.  In Contemplation of which Marriage the said William Alexander the Younger hath become bound and obliged and by these presents, binds and obliges him, his heirs, Executors and successors to consent and pay to the said Mrs. Christian Aitcheson a free life-rent annuity of Seventy pounds sterling during all the Days of her life, in case she shall survive him, at two terms in the year, Whitsunday and Martinmas, by equal portions beginning the first term’s payment  thereof at the first term of Whitsunday or Martinmas that shall happen after the decease of the said William Alexander the Younger for the half year immediately preceding and so forth yearly and termly thereafter during all the Days of the life of the said Mrs. Christian Aitcheson with the sum of seventy pounds sterling.

         William Alexander, Junior, Christian Aitcheson, John Aitchseon

Quite a different marriage bond from what we have in Kentucky!  Whitsunday is Pentecost Sunday, usually the first holiday of summer, and Martinmas is the feast of St. Martin’s death on November 11th.  Since Martinmas corresponded with the end of harvest it was a good time for celebration.

Such a wonderful collection!  This would be a fantastic way to show off your own collection of old photos and documents (copies, of course!)

Hm, I thought this post was finished, but decided to do a little extra research on this family – why would a Scottish family be on the wall of the Kentucky Historical Society?

There is no date on the marriage contract, making it a little difficult to research, but I found out that William Alexander’s wife, Christian, died about 1783 in Scotland.  His father, William Alexander, died about 1763.  Since he was alive at the marriage, William and Christian must have married shortly before that date.  After Christian’s death, William and son, Robert, came to Virginia.  Robert moved on to Woodford County, Kentucky, and his father came about 1816, dying there three years later.  William Alexander also had children by a second wife.  They came to Kentucky about the same time, and lived near his eldest son.  Now we have our Kentucky connection!


Six Revolutionary War Veterans Buried In Pisgah Presbyterian Cemetery

Since Ritchey and I visited Pisgah Presbyterian Cemetery in April of 2014, in Woodford County, I believe it to be one of my favorite small cemeteries.  It could have something to do with the beautiful little stone church – founded in 1784, erected in 1812, and remodeled in 1868.  It could have something to do with the cemetery strewn with tiny purple and white flowers on that beautiful spring day.  But most likely it is the fact that there are many older graves, including Revolutionary War veterans that lie sleeping in the church yard.  I want to share photos of six with you today.

img_1390William Kinkead, 1736-1821

img_1389William Kinkead was a Captain in the Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary War.  He married Eleanor Guy.  She and three of her children were captured by Indians and held during the year 1764, during which son Andrew was born.

img_1393Alexander Black, 1752-1827

img_1392How fitting to put these small reminders at the foot of the gravestones for the veterans.

img_1397_1Joseph Bartholomew, 1756-1812

img_1396_1Surrounded by lovely green violet leaves and tiny purple blossoms.

img_1405_1William Garrett, a Revolutionary War Soldier.

I could find no dates on this stone.

img_1423_1Alexander Smith, 1745-1814

img_1425_1A hero for the ages.

img_1447Samuel Stevenson, born March 11, 1741, died December 17, 1825.

img_1445Never forget the sacrifices these men made for the freedoms we hold dear now.  They are just as important, or more so, now, as during those early days of our country.


Happy Wedding Day – February 5th!!

Mercer Cty., KY Andrew Patterson married Mary O’Neal 05 Feb 1791
Washington Cty., KY James Scanland married Polly Edmondson 05 Feb 1792
Woodford Cty., KY George Dockins married Polly Searcy 05 Feb 1795
Mercer Cty., KY Thomas James married Sarah Clark 05 Feb 1795
Mercer Cty., KY Charles McAllister married Nancy Rucker 05 Feb 1797
Green Cty., KY Will Barnett married Nancy Richeson 05 Feb 1798
Mercer Cty., KY Jonathan Potts married Bashiba Ballard 05 Feb 1799
Washington Cty., KY Raphael Lake married Elaina Medley 05 Feb 1806
Mercer Cty., KY Alexander Park Hill married Jane Crutchfield 05 Feb 1808
Washington Cty., KY Mark Simms married Anne Wimsatt 05 Feb 1810
Washington Cty., KY Meshack Cundiff married Tabitha Nelson 05 Feb 1819
Washington Cty., KY John Powers married Elizabeth Mills 05 Feb 1820
Washington Cty., KY James Russell married Nancy Mudd 05 Feb 1820
Clark Cty., Ky Henry Davis married Permelia Morton 05 Feb 1824
Washington Cty., KY Arnold Bickett married Juliann Parsons 05 Feb 1825
Washington Cty., KY George Kimberlain married Susan Adams 05 Feb 1828
Washington Cty., KY Benedict O’Neal married Anne Powell 05 Feb 1829
Logan County G. C. Adcock married Martha Jane Still 05 Feb 1840
Washington Cty., KY George E. Fields married Emily N. Arvin 05 Feb 1842
Washington Cty., KY Thomas Wathen married Martha A. Champion 05 Feb 1843
Washington Cty., KY Joseph W. Anderson married Teresa E. Montgomery 05 Feb 1845
Washington Cty., KY John Jarboe married Cynthia Ann Clarkson 05 Feb 1850
Washington Cty., KY Thomas J. Medley married Elizabeth Osbourn 05 Feb 1850
Washington Cty., KY William Greenwell married Martha Weakley 05 Feb 1851
Washington Cty., KY Adam Young married Drucilla Edwards 05 Feb 1856
Washington Cty., KY William G. Berry married Elizabeth Dicken 05 Feb 1857
Marion Cty., KY Marion Brown married Susan J. Mars 05 Feb 1857
Washington Cty., KY Thomas A. Pankey married Isabella Farris 05 Feb 1857
Washington Cty., KY Daniel P. Bishop married Sarah B. Cheatham 05 Feb 1860
Washington Cty., KY Thomas J. Berry married Julia A. Burnett 05 Feb 1861
Washington Cty., KY G. P. Egerton married Mary E. Hedges 05 Feb 1861
Washington Cty., KY Henry O’Neal married Susan E. Fenwick 05 Feb 1861
Washington Cty., KY Jesse Montgomery married Mary Jones 05 Feb 1874
Washington Cty., KY Elliott Neal married Martha Selectman 05 Feb 1874
Washington Cty., KY Joseph Rhodes married Diana McElroy 05 Feb 1875
Washington Cty., KY Samuel R. Hood married Eliza Bird 05 Feb 1877
Washington Cty., KY Polin F. Sansberry married Mattie Clements 05 Feb 1877
Washington Cty., KY Frank W. Gray married Elma Sea 05 Feb 1885
Washington Cty., KY Preston Romine married Sarah B. Ward 05 Feb 1886
Washington Cty., KY John M. Arnold married Johanna C. Jenson 05 Feb 1887
Washington Cty., KY John McCullum married Lizzie Moser 05 Feb 1887
Washington Cty., KY J. F. Head married Susan M. Moran 05 Feb 1889
Washington Cty., KY Elmer Bruner married Brunetta Eason 05 Feb 1890
Washington Cty., KY James H. Goff married Ida B. Britton 05 Feb 1890
Washington Cty., KY George G. Tucker married Emma Goatley 05 Feb 1890

Fielding Edwards and the Edwards Family of Woodford County

The name Fielding Edwards caught my attention immediately as there are a couple of Fielding Lewis’ in my line – in Gloucester County, Virginia, descendants of John Lewis III and Frances Fielding.  I do not know if Fielding Edwards and the two Fielding Lewis’ are related at all – just a nice happenstance.

img_1229Fielding Edwards, born November 24, 1782, died November 25, 1855.  Versailles Cemetery, Woodford County, Kentucky

from History of Woodford County, William Edward Railey, 1938

John Edwards was a native of Wales who came to Virginia at an early period in the history of the state.  His son, John Edwards, moved his family to Woodford County, Kentucky, about 1798, and was a farmer.  His father had served in the Revolution and the son is listed in the census of 1810 as John Edwards, Sr., who had a family of ten person and owned eleven slaves.  Of this large family of children he had a son, Fielding, who was born in Virginia in 1782.  He married Jane Wright of the county, and though a mechanic by trade, he was also a farmer and stock trader.  In 1855 he died leaving a widow and a number of children.  Five years later she succumbed to the grim monster death.  They had a son, Davis Edwards, who was born in 1826, became a farmer and devoted his entire life to the duties of that vocation.  In 1854 he married Amanda Latta, who lived but a few years, and his second marriage was to Ann Mastin in 1863.  Of this union the following children were born:  William H., John G., James Y., Jane, Alexander W., Davis W. and Boyette, several of whom are now residents of the county.

img_1230Janes, wife of Fielding Edwards, born April 14, 1797, died April 16, 1850

img_1227John, son of F. & J. Edwards, born April 20, 1830, died October 29, 1853

img_1234Davis W. Edwards, 1826-1898.  Ann Mary Edwards, 1840-1925

img_1235Amanda M., wife of Davis W. Edwards, born July 25, 1830, died October 20, 1855

img_1233Jane Mastin Edwards, daughter of Ann Mary and Davis W. Edwards, June 25, 1870 – August 15, 1963

Another son of the pioneer John Edwards was Wiley Edwards.  He was born in Virginia in 1787 and came with the family to Woodford in 1798.  He was a wagon maker by trade, but owned and operated a distillery in the county from 1828 to 1847, the date of his death.  This distillery was on Glenns Creek, not far from the residence of John Edwards, the pioneer, whose home lay between the farm of the late Harry Brown and that of Mason Henry.  Wiley Edwards married Nancy Sullinger in 1812 and she died at the residence of her son, Thomas S. Edwards in 1872.  Of this union there were born Thomas S., George, William and Waller Edwards, all of whom are now dead.  Thomas S. married Susan Strother Hawkins, daughter of William Strother Hawkins and Katherine Keith, and they died without issue.  George Edwards married Elizabeth Jett in 1843 and had these children:  Thomas W., Mary, Anna, G. Hiram, Jennie and Jettie.  Mary and Jennie are residents of Versailles.  William Edwards married Mary Ferguson, daughter of Henry.  They lived many years upon a farm that borders upon the town of Versailles and the cemetery.  Their children were:  Henry W., Margaret, Van H., James H., Nannie and Jo.  All of them are residents of Woodford and Jessamine counties.

Thomas S. Edwards and his wife lived the greater part of their lives upon the farm that his grandfather bought from the heirs of Cyrus McCracken on the Glenns Creek or McCracken’s Mill Road.  His father built the brick house that stands there today, the frame of the McCracken’s home standing in one corner of the yard and used as a servants’ house.  Thomas Henton’s family have owned it and lived there for more than thirty years.  Wiley Edwards built a distillery just below the house on the creek which he operated until his death, after which it was operated by Thomas S. until about 1870, when it was abandoned and after dismantled and razed.

Waller Edwards was in the Confederate army during the Civil War and died either during that service or soon afterward.

November 23 – Happy Wedding Day!!!

Mercer Cty., KY Anderson Rice married Agnes Alcorn 23 Nov 1789
Woodford Cty., KY John Armstrong married Betsy Mahan 23 Nov 1794
Mercer Cty., KY Henry Creamer married Barbara Garrett 23 Nov 1795
Harrison Cty., KY William Montgomery married Rebecca Lindsey 23 Nov 1797
Harrison Cty., KY James Moore married Rhoda McAdoo 23 Nov 1797
Washington Cty., KY James Hayden married Mary Simms 23 Nov 1798
Mercer Cty., KY John Payne married Rebecca Ricketts 23 Nov 1801
Mercer Cty., KY Samuel McNutt married Susanna Jeffries 23 Nov 1805
Lincoln Cty., KY Phillip Pankey married Polly Stone 23 Nov 1805
Washington Cty., KY Thomas Blandford married Delilah Hays 23 Nov 1812
Washington Cty., KY Aquilla Noe married Martha Thompson 23 Nov 1818
Washington Cty., KY Zachariah Barnes married Nancy Ray 23 Nov 1823
Washington Cty., KY Patrick Mudd married Maria Mildred Mudd 23 Nov 1823
Washington Cty., KY Jeremiah C. Finch married Lydia Galloway 23 Nov 1824
Washington Cty., KY William E. Crawford married Esther McElroy 23 Nov 1825
Washington Cty., KY Joel Gordon married Naomi Bledsoe 23 Nov 1830
Washington Cty., KY William Knott married Mary Downs 23 Nov 1830
Washington Cty., KY Samuel Sandusky married Polly Campbell 23 Nov 1830
Pendleton Cty., KY Peyton Earles married Nancy Ley 23 Nov 1832
Washington Cty., KY John Payne married Ellen Hagan 23 Nov 1840
Hancock Cty., KY Zephenia M. Blackford married Susan A. Hall 23 Nov 1846
Washington Cty., KY Leonard Edelen married Catherine L. Simms 23 Nov 1846
Washington Cty., KY James F. Mudd married Harriett Elder 23 Nov 1846
Washington Cty., KY Rodney Y. McElroy married Frances G. Hardin 23 Nov 1852
Marion Cty., KY J. R. Nelson married Nancy Sandland 23 Nov 1852
Washington Cty., KY Richard Clark married Susan Sutton 23 Nov 1854
Washington Cty., KY Patrick Flynn married Margaret Matthews 23 Nov 1854
Nelson Cty., KY George Washer married Mary Gardiner 23 Nov 1854
Washington Cty., KY James A. Riney married Martha Ann Gettings 23 Nov 1858
Washington Cty., KY Joseph Blandford married Clotilda Medley 23 Nov 1869
Washington Cty., KY Arthur Polin married Bell Clements 23 Nov 1869
Washington Cty., KY Richard P. Yates married Ann E. Smith 23 Nov 1869
Washington Cty., KY Benjamin Bean married Mary Hamilton 23 Nov 1872
Washington Cty., KY Ben F. Simms married Lottie Walls 23 Nov 1876
Washington Cty., KY John C. Whittinghill married Mary E. Ellis 23 Nov 1876
Washington Cty., KY Felix F. Mudd married Fannie Auberry 23 Nov 1880
Washington Cty., KY J. M. Grant married Rachel Emery 23 Nov 1886
Washington Cty., KY Thomas J. Hamilton married Annie L. Mudd 23 Nov 1886
Washington Cty., KY Stephen D. Merritt married Nannie L. Sacray 23 Nov 1887
Washington Cty., KY William M. Seay married Fannie Birch 23 Nov 1887
Washington Cty., KY John D. Bailey married Lena Moffett 23 Nov 1892
Marion Cty., KY Andrew C. Coulter, widower, married Mary T. Nalley 23 Nov 1938