Marriage Records

1793 Williams-Williams Marriage Bond – Woodford County

This morning’s blog was delayed due to my internet – or lack thereof. We live in a lovely place, but add in fog, rain or snow and the internet is slow – or nonexistent. Fog was so prominent this morning it was hard to see across the road!

I share this marriage bond with you today because it is different from the usual marriage bond of the time period. It is very concise. The county clerk has a very interesting name, Cave Johnson. His mothers’ maiden name was Cave. Cave was born in Orange County, Virginia, fought in the Revolutionary War, then came to Kentucky in 1779, staying at Bryant’s Station.  He married Betsy Craig and they moved to Woodford County.  He was county clerk for Woodford from 1789-1796.  His reason for resigning from the clerk’s position was his desire to move to Campbell County.  Cave Johnson served with General George Rogers Clark in 1786.  When he moved to Campbell County he was appointed Colonel of Militia and served as such until 1819.  At that time he became Justice of the Peace, and eventually Sheriff of Boone County when he was 73!

We, John Williams and Thomas Gorham, do hereby bind and oblige ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrations, to pay unto the Governor of the Commonwealth, the sum of fifty in case there should be any lawful cause to obstruct a marriage intended between the said Thomas and Sarah Williams.  Given under our hands this 14th of May 1793.

                                   John Williams, T. Gorham

Teste, Cave Johnson

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  1. I like cool names. I wanted to name my son Squire Beam (my grandmother’s maiden name) but my husband didn’t agree.

  2. My JohnWilliams, RW vet, married in Prince William Va. don’t know if that is close to Orange.moved to n. Ky.

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