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Searchable CD – Baptisms of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, Marion County, Kentucky

St. Charles Catholic ChurchShortly to be released, a searchable database of the baptisms of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, Marion County, Kentucky. An Excel spreadsheet that can be sorted by last name or year. The description gives the full name of the child, name of parents (including maiden name of mother if listed), date of birth of child and baptismal sponsor.

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  1. I would be very interested in a searchable database for St. Charles in Marion County. I am researching Mary Jane Dowling who married James Dowling circa 1838. Mary Jane appears to be the daughter of Leonard Barton Mattingly & Anna Smith. Augustine Mattingly married Anne Sevilla Abell at the James Dowling residence. Most of this Mattingly family had their children baptized at St. Charles.
    Most of the Dowling children were baptized at either St. Rose or Holy Name of Mary. I’d love to have birth, baptism, marriage, and death information from these two churches also.

    • John, in the St. Charles CD there is a Mary Jane Mattingly, d/o Augustine and Ann Syrilla Mattingly, born 1837. Many Barton Mattingly’s, but no Leonard Barton. There are no Dowlings listed.

      In the St. Rose baptisms CD I am presently working on there are several Dowlings listed.

    • Hi John. I am researching Augustine Mattingly and his family. My wife is descended from him through his daughter Elizabeth Ann and her husband George Washington McKune. I have not been able to find any documentation for Augustine or Anne’s parents/ancestors. Do you have any of that information? Or have you found it in these baptism records?
      Thanks for the help.
      Jim Wood

        Baptized Nancy McKune, 1-01-1861, by Rev. Francis Wuyts at Holy Cross Catholic Church
        (Holy Cross, Ky). Birth date, 12-20-1860. Sponsor, Nancy McCune. Parents: Washington
        McCune and Elizabeth Mattingly.
        Baptized John Ambrose McKune, 2-13-1863, by Rev. M. Paulinus at Gethsemani. Birth date, 12-
        30-1862. Sponsor, Mary Jane Elmore. Parents: George Washington McKune and Elizabeth
        Baptized Mary Emeline McKune, 4-16-1865, by Rev. B. J. Jerome at Gethsemani. Birth date, 1-
        09-1865. Sponsor, Caroline Warren. Parents: George McKune and Elizabeth Mattingly.
        Baptized Laura McKune, 5-30-1867, by Rev. Francis Wuyts at Holy Cross Catholic Church
        (Holy Cross, Ky). Birth date, 3-29-1867. Sponsor, Isabella Coy. Parents: George McKune and
        Elizabeth Mattingly.
        Baptized Elizabeth McKune, 9-04-1869, at Holy Rosary Catholic Church (Manton, Ky). Birth
        date, 7-29-1869. Sponsor, Mary Kelly. Parents: George McKune and Elizabeth Mattingly.
        Baptized William Simon McKune, 3-05-1876, by Rev. David Russell at Holy Cross Catholic
        Church (Holy Cross, Ky). Birth date, 9-26-1875. Sponsor, Helen Mattingly. Parents: George
        McKune and Elizabeth Mattingly.

        TIPTON, JOHN C. & ELIZA ANN MATTINGLY (daughter of Augustine Mattingly & Ann
        Sevilla Abell)(married 4-18-1863 at James Dowling residence)
        Baptized John Marion Tipton, 4-17-1865, by Rev. Anthony Viala at Holy Cross Catholic Church.
        Birth date not given. Sponsor, Paulina Riggs. Parents: John Tipton and Louisa Ann Mattingly.
        Baptized Mary Elizabeth Tipton, 3-20-1867, by Rev. Francis Wuyts at Holy Cross Catholic
        Church. Birth date, 1-05-1867. Sponsor, Mary Eliza Riggs. Parents: John Tipton and Liza Ann

      • I know of the Mary Jane Mattingly who was born in 1837 and another that was born in 1819. Neither of these two are my direct ancestor. I have done considerable research on (Leonard) Barton Mattingly & Anne Smith children through analysis of the existing baptismal records on the Bohn CD for Marion, Washington, & Nelson Counties. I have also dissected the pre-1850 censuses. There are omissions that point to missing children from the records. I believe that my Mary Jane Mattingly (1810-1811) was either the twin of Mary Ellen Mattingly or was born between Mary Ellen and Edward Mattingly. It is a work in progress and I have not yet put her in the (Leonard) Barton Mattingly & Anne Smith family. I have invited you to view my family tree. I have information on the George Washington McKune/McCune.

  2. I am interested as well,
    for myself and to donate to a local library when finished with it.

  3. On a related note, Eliza Ann Mattingly (your ancestor’s sister) married John C Tipton at the James Dowling residence in New Market, Marion Co., KY on April 18, 1863. Tipton was a Union cavalry man. My research is that the Mattingly and Dowling families were supporters of the Union cause. I suspect that the Dowling residence was destroyed by Morgan Raiders and that James Dowling may have died during the July 1863 raid. I have some land warrant information on the property. I’d like to hire you to do some research on this.

  4. I’ve been researching a daughter of James and Mary Jane Dowling from New Market, Marion Co, KY in the 1850 to 1880 Censuses. In 1850 there was, James (1799). Jane (1811), Regina (1839), Susan Mary (1841), Elizabeth (1843), Ann M (1845) and Jane (1850). In 1860 there was, James (1799), Mary J (1811), Regina Newton (1839) & Joseph Newton (1839) were newly married, Susan (1840), Ann (1842), Sarah (1846), Malinda(1851). In 1870 in Jeffersonville IN there was, Mary J (1811), Melinda (1853), Joseph Newton (1839), Elizth Newton (1840) [Regina?], James Newton (1861). In 1880 in Perryville, MO there was Elizabeth Newton (1838) – head of household, James Newton (1862) – son, Mary Dowling (1854) – sister, James H Dowling (1874) – nephew, all born in KY. It appears that Melinda starting using “Mary” and that she was not married to the father of James. Later in 1880, she married John H Diemund, aka Henry Diamond, in Perry Co, MO in a Catholic ceremony and they were my great grandparents.

    • Michael, If you would please send me an e-mail request, I will invite you in to see the Sullivan Family Tree on ancestors. I have addressed the Mary E/Melinda B problem. I have baptismal records for everyone of James Dowling & Mary Jane Mattingly except for these two. I have kept them separate on my family tree and addressed on both of their pages that I believe that they are one and the same. Welcome to the family cousin. You will be pleased to know that James Dowling, the father of James Dowling (b 1799 KY) fought in the American Revolution for the 2nd MD Regiment and later in the 2nd MD Regiment. I have all of his pension records and his will, which makes mention of his unfinished claims relating to his Virginia service. My e-mail is

    • Melinda aka Mary Dowling and her son James were my fathers parents,if you have any information on this family history,I would like to see please send me info at My name is Kerry Dowling,thanks.

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