The Family of Major Thomas Allin and Mary Jouett Allin


The Family of Major Thomas Allin and Mary Jouett Allin

Harrodsburg, Mercer County, Kentucky

Thomas Allin, son of William and Frances (Grant) Allin, was born May 14, 1757, in Hanover County, Virginia.  Thomas served in the Revolutionary War and afterwards moved to Mercer County, Kentucky.  On February 16, 1789, Thomas Allin married Mary Jouett, at the home of her brother, Captain John Jouett, Jr.  Mary was born June 14, 1765, in Louisa County, Virginia, the daughter of John Jouett, Sr., and his wife Mourning Harris.  Thomas and Mary raised a large family in Mercer County, Kentucky.  Thomas died June 26, 1833, at his home in Harrodsburg, during the cholera epidemic of that year.  His wife Mary died two days later, June 28, 1833.  They are buried in Spring Hill Cemetery.

The children of Major Thomas Allin and Mary Jouett Allin are:

  • Nancy Harris Allin
  • William H. Allin
  • John Jouett Allin
  • Thomas Allin, Jr.
  • Charles W. Allin
  • Mary Jouett Allin
  • Grant Allin
  • Philip Trapnell Allin
  • Samuel Woodson Allin
  • Benjamin Casey Allin

Nancy Harris Allin was born December 14, 1789, in Mercer County, Kentucky, died October 8, 1833, at Hopkins County, Kentucky.  In Mercer County she married Samuel Woodson, son of Samuel Woodson and Sarah Mills Woodson, born September 1, 1787, in Goochland County, Virginia.  Mentioned in her father’s will as having been “of uncommon feeble health from her infancy” thereby inheriting a larger share of the estate.  Samuel Woodson mentioned in the codicil of the will as having been advanced a “negro woman Nutty worth $400.00”.  Samuel Woodson was Court Clerk in Hopkins County.  Nancy and Samuel’s children:

  • Harris Woodson, born August 21, 1810, died October 6, 1827
  • James Woodson, born November 2, 1813, died December 11, 1813
  • Sarah Jane Grant Woodson, born February 24, 1823 (twin)
  • Mary Ann Russell Woodson, born February 24, 1823 (twin), died March 7, 1909
  • Samuel Charles Woodson, born May 29, 1825
  • William Woodson
  • Emily Weir Bishop Woodson, born November 6, 1829

William H. Allin, born April 9, 1791, in Mercer County, Kentucky; died 1834, Chariton County, Missouri.  William married Elizabeth Hooe.  William and Elizabeth’s children (born in Mercer County):

  • Benjamin Allin
  • Thomas Hooe Allin, born March 12, 1821
  • John Hooe Allin, born September 24, 1826

John Jouett Allin, born January 23, 1793, in Mercer County, Kentucky; died May 10, 1857, in Randolph County, Missouri; married first on November 15, 1815, at Harrodsburg, Sally Ann Hopkins, daughter of John Hopkins (b. February 20, 1762, Mecklenbug County, Virginia) and Mary Spencer Speed (Smith) Hopkins (widow of Hon. John Speed Smith) and born January 14, 1797; died August 9, 1821, at Harrodsburg, Kentucky; married 2nd on October 16, 1822, Cynthia McAfee, daughter of John McAfee and Elizabeth (McKarney) McAfee and born March 3, 1805; died September 26, 1850, in Randolph County, Missouri.  John McAfee was born October 26, 1775, in Boutetort County, Virginia; died April 28, 1833, in Mercer County, Kentucky, during the cholera epidemic.

John Jouett Allin as named by his father in his will as one of he executors.  In the codicil he is mentioned as a business partner in mills and a distillery and as having been advanced a sum of $150, which was to become part of his inheritance.  Member of the Legislature from Mercer County, Kentucky, for four years during the 1821-1826 time frame.

In 1834 John moved to Randolph County, Missouri.    John and Sally Ann’s children:

  • John James Allin, born April 9, 1819, at Harodsburg, Kentucky; died December 25, 1847, at Harrodsburg; married March 27, 1841, at Huntsville, Missouri, Susan Withers.
  • Thomas Speed Allin, born March 4, 1821; died 1822.

Children of John and Cynthia:

  • Samuel Allin, born May 10, 1824; died December 27, 1825
  • Grant Allin, born January 11, 1827; died September 2, 188
  • William Allin, born November 15, 1828
  • Joseph Huston Allin, born November 16, 1830
  • Mary Elizabeth Allin, born October 26, 1832, married March 11, 1852, Asa Grant
  • Sally H. Allin, born November 14, 1834; married October 14, 1852, James R. Murphy.  Went to California 1849.
  • Charles A. Allin, born August 19, 1838, in Missouri; died 1912, Los Angeles, California; married April 17, 1863, Elizabeth F. Mitchell
  • Philip Allin, born January 31, 1841, in Missouri; died in service, Confederate Army
  • Benjamin Casey Allin, born September 10, 1846, Missouri; died February 28, 1849

Thomas Allin, Jr., born July 20, 179, at Mercer County, Kentucky; died May 16, 1864; married September 15, 1814, Mary Burton Thompson, daughter of John Thompson and Rebecca Burton Thompson, born May 10, 1796; died August 27, 1860.

Thomas, Jr., was named in his father’s will to inherit certain land in Harrodsburg containing seventy-five acres; also one negro boy, Isaac.  Thomas also states in a codicil that his son Thomas, Jr., was to pay him one-third the amount of the profits of his office as Clerk of County Court since his father’s resignation from that office and any deficiency to be considered as so much advanced to him.  Thomas, Jr., was Clerk of Court in Mercer County at the time of his father’s death.  Children of Thomas, Jr., and Mary:

  • John Thompson Allin
  • Edwin Allin
  • William Robertson Allin, born 1814, died c. 1892.  Merchant at Keytesville, Missouri.  Unmarried.
  • Henry Clay Allin, born February 10, 1825
  • James Allin, born 1826
  • George Thompson Allin, born 1827
  • Philip Trapnell Allin, born March 3, 1835
  • Charles Joseph Allin
  • Susan Burton Allin
  • Ann Eliza Allin
  • Sally Jane Allin, born 1833
  • Davis Allin, died in infancy

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