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Joseph Timberlake – Member of Washington’s Guard

IMG_5277Flag and Gravestone for Joseph Timberlake – Hammonsville Cemetery, Hart County, Kentucky

IMG_5276Joseph Timberlake, born in Virginia in 1752, of English parents.  Died in Hart County, Kentucky, in 1841.  Married Annie Douglas December 11, 1784.

IMG_5275Joseph Timberlake, Virginia, Sergeant, Seventh Virginia Regiment, Revolutionary War.  1752-1841.

IMG_5267On Washington Guard, Sergeant Joseph Timberlake, born in Virginia, 1752; buried here, 1841.  Revolutionary soldier.  One of the members of General Washington’s body guard.  All were chosen as being sober, young, active and well built, men of good character that possess pride of appearing soldier like, those having family connections in this country, and men of some property.

Joseph Timberlake enlisted in 1776 from Louisa County, Virginia, and in 1777 was transferred to the Commander-in-Chief’s guard under Captain Caleb Gibbs.  He served as sergeant at the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, Connecticut Farms and Yorktown, and served to the close of the war, when he held the rank of sergeant.  He was born in Caroline County, Virginia, and died in Hart County, Kentucky.

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  1. I have recently discovered I am a descendent of Sergeant Joseph Timberlake and am looking for anything I can find on him.

    • I am a direct descendent of Joseph Timberlake and I have a family genealogy that contains all the details. The records are stored so I will need to bring them out. My Mother obtained her membership in the Daughter’s of the American Revolution by demonstrating the Timberlake genealogy. Please email me and we can chat further.

  2. Dee. Joseph J Timberlake is my 5 great grandfather. We are no doubtingly related. I would love to have as much info as possible to help my mother establish her DAR. Would you kindly email what you can to

  3. I, too, am a direct descendant of Joseph Timberlake. A D.A.R friend wanted me to submit an application for membership a few years ago. I didn’t follow through for various reasons. Now, my brother’s oldest son, who has 4th stage colon cancer and in treatment, has expressed a proud interest and I am thinking that I want to follow through for his sakes. Both of his parents (who were divorced and living in separate states) died tragic deaths. I would love to uplift my nephew with a DAR designation. Both he and his sister were in the military, so they have pride in the military association of their great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather.

Any thoughts?

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