Genealogy Ramblings

A Little Genealogy Humor

Everyone needs to start their day with a little humor – even genealogists!  Although I’m sure none of you have ever had this problem!

Haven’t we all searched and searched, tried to unravel a particular genealogy puzzle – and all our efforts failed!  I find the best thing to do is put that one thing aside – file it away for a month or two.  Trick yourself into thinking  you don’t really care to know who was married to W. P. Montgomery – or when John Edwards moved to Missouri.  Many times I find that giving a search a rest clears the mind and then, sometimes where to look or how to solve the problem comes to you at the oddest moment.  It’s almost as if concentrating on one problem too long locks up the brain – the fluid movements of thought patterns hit that proverbial brick wall and come to a dead stop.  Well, that wasn’t supposed to be a pun, but if you wish to take it that way . . . after all, the title of this post says it all!

After a month or so of this uncaring feeling, many times the hunch comes to you – and you follow the clues – and the hunch was right.  Never gainsay intuition – it’s the genealogists best tool!

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