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Marriage Certificate – William Coulter and Emeline White

Washington County Marriage Records

The Commonwealth of Kentucky, Washington County

To any authorized Minister of the Gospel

These are to license and permit you to solemnize the rites of Matrimony between William Coulter and Emeline White according to the forms and ceremonies of the Church to which you belong, the said William Coulter having executed bond with security in my office, as required by law.

Given under my hand, as Clerk of the County Court, for the County aforesaid, this 26th day of April 1851.

W. B. Booker

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I am researching White-Coulter family. I’ll most certainly follow your site in the future! Do you have any record of Emeline White having been a Cherokee Indian or part Cherokee?

    • I have not found anything yet. But my grandmother always said her mother, Mary Elizabeth Crow, was an Indian – she thought Crow Indian, since that was her last name! I have followed the Crow line back to Garrard County about 1799 and came up with nothing about Indian heritage. Mary Elizabeth married George F. Coulter, son of William Coulter and Emeline White. Has that information been passed down in your family?

  2. Our family always noted that Nancy Mariah Coulter Barnard was part Indian and she was a sister to Mary Elizabeth Crow so there is a bit more information but no proof. I saw the Crow name also and thought that might be the connection. Then again Cherokee would be prominent tribe in that time & area. Thanks again for your great site!

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