Family Stories

Condition – Folio and Burton

Stafford County, Virginia, 1690

This condition made ye second year of their majesties reign, King William and Queen Mary, between Martha Folio, widow and administratrix of her husband, Thomas Folio, of ye one party and William Burton of ye other party, both of Stafford County, witnesseth that the said William Burton doth grant and promise with ye said Martha, before matrimony, to pay her children as they come of age as followeth.  To my son Brian Folio, one gun sent to his father out of England, one young mare, one cow and calf or with calf between three years old and six, and to be delivered him at sixteen years of age, that is to say if he lives with us till he is one and twenty to run on from sixteen to one and twenty.  To my son John, one gun, one mare, one cow and calf in ye like manner as his brother Brian.  To my son Thomas one mare, one cow and calf, to my son  Richard, one mare, one cow and calf, and these, my sons, to have their portions like in my son Brian at sixteen if they live with us if not till the year one and twenty.  To my daughter Anne, one mare, one cow and calf to be delivered at ye years of sixteen or married.  And I, ye said William Burton, do bind my self, my heirs to ye performance of all ye promises abovesaid as witness of our hands and seals ye fifth day of November 1690.                       William Burton, Martha Folio

In presence of us Richard Brian, Anne Brian.

Recorded in ye County Court Records of Stafford, November 8th, 1690.

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