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Today In Genealogy History – February 17, 2012

William Moran, Jr., was born 238 years ago – February 17, 1774.  William was the son of William Moran and Mary Rebecca Barber of Loudoun County, Virginia.  William, Jr., married Mary Barber.  They moved to Washington County, Kentucky, and had 4 children:  John M., Martha, Elizabeth Lyon and Ann Rebecca Moran.  William married as his second wife Susan Linton.  They had 5 children:  Susan Linton, Linton Lewis, Young William, Charles Fenton and Henry E. Moran.

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  1. I’m confused on these Moran’s. When you get time could you go into a little more depth On this family? I’m just not getting it to absorbed..
    Is it:
    1. John Moran
    2. William Moran & Rebbeca Mary Barber
    3 William Moran & 1st Mary Barber, 2nd Susan Linton
    4. Young William Moran
    Should I be deleting # 2 William Moran & Rebecca Barber, are they the same people as #3?
    Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

    • Patty, I’ll be glad to try to help you with this family. I think the confusion comes with a father and son having the same name – William – and marrying women who are both named Mary Barber.

      Let us being with John Moran, 1711-1781, who married Rebecca. John was the son of Gabriel Moran and Elizabeth, of Charles County Maryland. John and Rebecca had 5 children: William, Benjamin, John, Gabriel and Meveral Hules Moran.

      Next, John’s son, William – who is William Moran, Sr., 1748-1824. William Sr., married Mary Rebecca Barber about 1770 in Charles County, Maryland. Mary Rebecca Barber was the daughter of Edward Barber and Sarah Myvert. Rebecca’s sister, Sarah, married Jonathan Edwards (I am also descended through this family). William Moran, Sr., and Mary Rebecca Barber had 7 children: John Myvert Moran (named after his grandmother), Edward Barber Moran, Samuel Thomas Moran, Gustavus A. Moran, Elizabeth B. Moran, Henry Moran and William Moran, Jr.

      William Moran, Jr., married first, Mary Barber (most likely his cousin) April 4, 1795, in Charles County, Maryland. William Moran, Jr., and Mary Barber had 4 children: John Myvert Moran, Martha Moran, Elizabeth Lyon Moran (my 3rd gr-grandmother who married William Linton) and Ann Rebecca Moran. Mary Barber Moran died before 1812 when William Moran, Jr., married Susan Linton, daughter of Captain John Hancock Linton and Ann Nancy Mason, for his second wife, March 15, 1812. William Moran, Jr., and Susan Linton had 5 children: Susan Linton Moran, Linton Lewis Moran, Young William Moran, Charles Fenton Moran and Henry E. Moran.

      I hope this helps – let me know if you have any more questions!

  2. Thank you for clearing this up! I have Elizabeth Lyon Moran as the daughter of Wm Sr & Rebecca per the book biographical history in Washington county. I have all the jr. Moran’s children under the Sr. name in my tree. Ugg!
    My connection being Eliza Lyons daughter Jane Linton who married Basil Green. (Basil and Jane being my 3rd great grandparents).
    Thanks again Phyllis, your doing a wonderful job and I thank you so much for all the help and hints you have given me.

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