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September 18th Birthdays In The Carrico/Montgomery Families

Three members of my mother’s family were born on September 18th – her brother, Robert Carrico, their aunt, Anna Margaret Montgomery, and their great-aunt, Catherine Rhoda Carrico.

My uncle, Joseph Robert Carrico, my mother’s oldest brother, was born 91 years ago – September 18, 1921 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  He was exactly ten years older than my mother.  Robert, as he was called, was the son of Joseph Reuben Carrico and Mary Alice Montgomery.  He entered World War II at the age of 19 or 20.  He was killed in Salerno, Italy, on September 14, 1943 – four days shy of his 22nd birthday.  Robert’s death was very hard on the family.  Mom has vague memories of him – he liked to play the French harp, was quiet and was quite handsome.  He was buried in Sicily.

Anna Margaret Montgomery, my grandmother’s sister and aunt to Uncle Robert and my mom, was born September 18, 1895, also in Washington County.  She was the daughter of Robert E. Lee Montgomery and Frances Barber Linton.  Aunt Maggie, whom I remember, fell in love with a young man – but her Papa didn’t approve.  She spent the rest of her life – 89 years – an old maid.  After the death of both parents she and her brother, Bob (a bachelor), lived on in the house together.  Aunt Maggie rarely went out, prefering to sit by the fire in her rocking chair.  How different her life would have been had she been allowed to marry the man she loved!

Catherine Rhoda Carrico, great-aunt of Robert and Mom, was born September 18, 1842, in Washington County.  The Carrico’s had been here since about 1795!  Catherine was the daughter of Pius M. Carrico and Mary Magdalene Spalding.  She married Samuel Smith, son of Samuel E. Smith and Nancy Cusick, September 17, 1867.  Catherine and Samuel had a large family, nine children – Walter Sheridan, William Thomas, Joseph Robert, Pius Napoleon, Mary Emily, Hugh Kent, Ann Mary, Francis Robert and Martha Florence Smith.

What instances do you have in your family where several members were born on the same day?

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