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Today In Genealogy History – October 27

Frances Fielding Lewis was born 282 years ago – October 27, 1731 – in Gloucester County, Virginia.  Frances was the daughter of John Lewis III and Frances Fielding.  Unfortunately her mother died the same day, giving birth to her daughter.  Frances married George Yates IV, of Caroline County, Virginia.  They had 9 children:  John Estes, Charles Lewis, Richard, Frances G., James, William, Warner, Mollie and George Yates.

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  1. I’m looking to confirm that Frances Fielding Lewis, daughter of Colonel John Lewis III and Frances Fielding, did not die as an infant and indeed married George Yates IV. I found in a book that they speculated she died soon after her mother. I don’t have any hard evidence either way. Do you know of any records to confirm she lived to marry and have children?

    • There is no record that shows francis Fielding Lewis married George Yates iv . Even his DAR file says no proof of who his wife was. The book Lewis of Warner hall does not mention it all..

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