William Preston Burgin Family Bible

There is another bible associated with this family, posted February 7, 2013.

William Preston Burgin Family Bible

  • This is to certify that William Preston Burgin and Eugenia Starks were united in Holy Matrimony, at home, Burgin, Kentucky, on the 20th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-three (1883).
  • William Preston Burgin was born January 25th, 1853, Richmond, Kentucky, married November 20th, 1883 and died April 3, 1901.
  • Eugenia Starks Burgin was born September 5th, 1858, Midway, Kentucky, married November 20th, 1883, and died May 19th, 1927.
  • Anne Starks Burgin was born April 12th, 1887, Burgin, Kentucky, married October 14th, 1906, and died 1925.
  • Sophia Temple Burgin was born September 3rd, 1888, Burgin, Kentucky, married September 3rd, 1913, and died December 31, 1974.
  • Florence Clifford Burgin was born March 6th, 1891, Burgin, Kentucky, married September 7th, 1914, and died April 9th, 1980.
  • William Isaac Preston Burgin, was born April 2nd, 1896, Burgin, Kentucky, married September 18th, 1915, and died January 1, 1961.
  • John James Burgin was born July 3rd, 1897, Burgin, Kentucky, married February 1919, and died August 20, 1945.
  • Harry Montgomery Sallee (Ann’s baby) was born February 1908, Lexington, Kentucky, and died December 1908.
  • Ann Chenault Bailey was born September 26, 1915, Harrodsburg, Kentucky, died March 19, 1929.
  • Mary Elizabeth Burgin was born January 15th, 1918, married to Henry Walter Brummett, April 7, 1939.
  • Mrs. John (Davelle) Burgin died Fayette County, January 24, 1980
  • Mrs. Preston (Ada) Burgin died Fayette County, October 13, 1980.
  • Sophia burgin married Henry Steele Moore September 3rd, 1913.  He died April 20th, 1947.

Grandfather and Grandmother

  • James Madison Starks born Midway, Kentucky, September 16, 1818, died May 25, 1881.
  • Ann William Starks, second wife of James M., born in Midway October 30, 1820, died April 17, 1899.
  • Susan Crutcher Starks, first wife of James Madison Starks, was born in Frankfort, Kentucky, 1824, died 1856.
  • Children of James Madison and Susan Crutcher Starks were John P., Richard, Permelia and Susie Starks and Bettie Starks Rodes.
  • Children James Madison and Anne Williams Starks were I. F. Starks and Eugenia Starks Burgin.

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