Lovely Young Woman In White Dress

Scan095Don’t you love this photo?  Such a lovely young woman in a beautiful white dress, stockings and slippers!  The large corsage on her bodice suggests this is a special day – and the book in her hand bears a cross.  Perhaps this was her confirmation day.  The book or Bible looks to have a name and date on the cover – perhaps her name?  Or the name of the church?  I’ve used magnifiers but cannot read it!

Our young subject looks rather bored!  Did the photo session take too long?  She looks very much like the teenagers of today, waiting for something to be over!

This photo was taken in Chicago, but I cannot make out the name of the studio or photographer – it looks like Koule’s or Houle’s.  It is etched into the grey cardboard surrounding the photo and is very faded.

Any thoughts?

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