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John and Fielding Bradford printed the first issue of The Kentucky Gazette in August of 1787.  The following are a few highlights from some of those early editions, taken from The Kentucky Gazette 1787-1800 by Karen Mauer Green, 1983.  It is interesting to note how much is going on in the city of Lexington, and surrounding area, at such an early date!  I’m sure there are a few names that everyone will recognize!

Volume I, Number II, 18 August, 1787

  • Lexington:  Printed and sold by John and Fielding Bradford, at their printing office the corner of Main and Cross Street, where subscriptions at 18 shillings per annum, advertisements, etc., for this paper are thankfully received and printing in its different branches done with care and expedition.  Advertisements of a moderate length are inserted for 3 shillings the first time and 2 shillings each time after, and longer ones in proportion.
  • Levi Todd, Lexington, 16 August 1787, regarding express from
    Col. James Robinson, commanding officer of the settlement on the Cumberland River, mentions Mr. Turnbull, Captain Davenport.

Volume I, Number III, 25 August 1787

  • Jacob Myers, Lincoln County, 15 August 1787, is erecting a paper mill on a branch of the Dicks River near his grist mill.
  • Text of speech of Captain Johnny (chief commander of the Shawnee nation) to Col. Logan at Limstone, Monday the 20th of August 1787.  Including Col. Benjamin Logan’s answer.  Mentions Jacob Boone at Limestone.  Including Col. Benjamin Logan, Isaac Ruddell, John Crow, Daniel Boone, Captain Johnny, Maremsecho, Lathenfecoh.

Volume I, Number V, 8 September 1787

  • Mr. Schooler of Harrison’s Station on Licking Creek was fired on by Indians on the 5th of September.  George Mason and Mr. Glasscock were fired on by the Indians while cutting wood on Licking Creek on 7 September.  Mason was fatally wounded.
  • Thomas January, Lexington, regarding goods for sale at his dry goods store.
  • Thomas Marshall, Fayette County, 5 September 1787, notice regarding surveyor’s fees.
  • Adam Rankin, Fayette County, 6 September 1787, ad for stray horse.
  • John Allison, Fayette County, 30 August 1787, ‘lately of Ireland’, notice that he is carrying on the business of spinning wheel making at the house of John Maxwell near Lexington.

Volume I, Number VI, 15 September 1787

  • John Crittenden and Horatio Turpin, Fayette County, 12 September 1787, agents for Col. John Harris, regarding Harris’ land, mentions Bray’s Tavern in Lexington.
  • Joseph Gale, regarding a sale of the property of Robert Collins to satisfy his debt to Meredith Helm.  Sale to be at Capt. James Bray’s in Lexington.
  • Mr. Stout, whose brother was wounded by the Indians some time ago, was killed by the Indians at Lee’s Station near Limestone last Tuesday or Wednesday.

Volume I, Number VII, 22 September 1787

  • George Tegarden, ad regarding his store at the house of John Clark in Lexington.
  • Henry Marshall and Henry Work, 20 September 1787, notice to debtors:  please pay your bills.

Volume I, Number VIII, 29 September 1787

  • John Calaman, 26 September 1787, living near Strode’s Station, regarding a stray filly.

Volume I, Number IX, 6 October 1787

  • Obituary, Mrs. Elizabeth Downing, wife of John Downing of Louisville, died Thursday, 9 August 1787, 25 years old, buried Friday, 17 August 1787, in the burying ground of her father, Col. Armisted Churchill.
  • Henry Lee, Fayette County, 3 October 1787, notice regarding horse that strayed from Rawleigh Chinn’s near Lexington.
  • George Rogers Clark and John Crittenden, Fayette County, 25 September 1787, regarding land for sale.
  • Ann Shiell, Lincoln County, 15 September 1787, executrix of the estate of Dr. Hugh Shiell, regarding settlement of estate.
  • Joseph Robinson, Bourbon County, 26 September 1787, has erected a tan yard near Mr. Isaac Ruddell’s mill.

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