Lonely Cemetery In Wayne County

Through his geocache network Ritchey found one cemetery in Wayne County that was very aptly named – Lonely Cemetery.  Coming south on Hwy 90 to the county seat of Monticello, do not take the bypass, but go through town on Main Street.  Turn left onto Frisby Street, and continue up and around, it will turn into Morris Hill Road.  Just when you think you’ve lost your way, a road appears to the right – Lonely Cemetery Road.  Continue on this road until the cemetery appears before you.  On top of a little knob or knoll, not sure which it should be, you have a most beautiful view of the town.

Lonely Cemetery is small, with perhaps 30 or 40 graves, and very well attended.

Charles Robert Lair, February 24, 1912 – May 1, 1978.  Ethel D. Lair, September 17, 1917 – April 6, 2005.

Oliver J. Crabtree, Kentucky PFC, 347 A AF FTR SQ, World War II, January 19, 1922 – August 2, 1943.

Millard Brumett, March 15, 1880 – April 19, 1935.

Jacky Junior, son of Leslie and Ina Brummett, born and died January 6, 1933.

Oscar Crabtree, 1898-1937.

Oliver C. Crabtree, December 31, 1880 – January 6, 1934.

Beckham Crabtree, July 10, 1903 – June 22, 1948.

Mollie Crabtree, May 30, 1906 – May 28, 1942.


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  1. What a lovely cemetery and carving in some of the headstones. So sad for the Crabtree family to have lost so many in seems to be around the same time period. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I agree with Betsy Longo’s comment. Rather sad to read of the short lives of the Crabtree family members buried there. And the saddest is that of PFC Oliver Crabtree, apparently killed during his service in WW2 when he was just 21 years old. As he was a PFC, he may not have been a pilot, but possibly he was since the AAF in the first two years of WW2 trained a variety of men to be pilots.
    Thanks to cousin Phyllis and Ritchey for taking the photos.
    cousin Dick Linton

    • I wanna thank you for sincerity of Lonely Cemetery. My name is Brandon and that is my family buried there. My grandmother Kactherine Crabtree is buried in the far right corner who along with her partner and his son where murdered Christmas Eve 1985. It’s true most of the folks buried died in very sad ways. But all in all I just want to thank you for your sincerity.

  3. Oliver C Crabtree 1880-1934 was shot and killed by Marshall Asa Morris, his second cousin. They shared gg grandparents, George Brummett b1784 and Mary French. Also, Marshall Asa Morris was the brother of Oliver’s sister, Martha Wayne’s husband, Rufus Harrison Morris b1883. Source of killing: Wayne County Outlook, Jan 11, 1934. Also, an article in the Courier Journal Jan 9, 1934.

    The shooting was at the home of Laura Belle Stockton widow of Granville Brummett 1847-1917. Granville was the brother of Oliver’s mother, Sarah Elizabeth Brummett Crabtree. Oliver and his two nephews, sons of brother, John Wesley, (King Bee) Crabtree were fighting with Marshall Asa Morris, and Marshall went inside to get his gun. He was a sharp shooter in WWI.

    Yes, this is very sad…….

    My gg grandmother is Malinda Brummett, sister of Oliver’s mother, Sarah Elizabeth Brummett Crabtree.

    Above you have shown the stones of Oliver and two of his children: Beckham and Mollie

  4. My great great grandmother, Luella Crabtree Morris 1889- 1917 is buried here with two of her sons. Bailey Winton Morris 1917 and Russel Morris 1909-1921. Luella is the daughter of Landon and Sarah Brummett Crabtree. Luella died in childbirth, Bailey from “bull hives” as told to me by his sister, Ethel. Russell was shot by a neighboring child. witnessed by Ethel. All three are in unmarked graves. I was also told by Ethel that as a child they called this Crabtree graveyard.

  5. Wonderful work! I have been searching for the “Little South Fork Cemetery”. It is suppose to be in Monticello, Wayne County, Kentucky. I say a South Fork Baptist Cemetery but son’t think that is it. Perhaps it’s under water? Has anyone ever heard of it? I have a Shadrack Upchurch who died in May of 1863 who is suppose to be there. Can anyone help.

    • George and Rachel (Bathshares-Bethshears) Upchurch lived on the west branch of Little South Fork River below School House Ridge Road. Any remnants of that family cemetery are with mother nature (land grant 1813). Shadrack Upchurch (son) was said buried there. John Upchurch (son) lived east in Upchurch Hollow, also with mother nature. Moses Upchurch (son) and Thomas Upchurch (son) lived east toward Slickford. Many of John, Moses and Thomas family buried in Slickford. Joe Upchurch (son) portion of Little South River land fell in TN. Many Joe Upchurch descendants are buried in Upchurch Cemetery in Fentress County, TN. The use of limestone in tombstones caused the deterioration.

      • M.C. I so appreciate your help. Some information was know, but several are new to me. Thank you for your assistance. You appear to have a familiarity with the Upchurch family. Hope sometime we can chat. By the reference to mother nature, I am assuming you did mean, under water? My sincere Thanks for answering. I have visited the Upchurch Cemetery many times. Anything you might need from there in return for your help here?

      • I have a Grandfather buried there. Not sure where due to there being no marker but we’d like to purchase one . Does anyone know where I’d go or call to find out where his grave site is ?
        Thank you in advance .

  6. You can see my responses using the name, Caith, here, and my relationship to this family. I have researched this collateral family of mine because I felt a great kinship and love. Since I am a private person and will not leave my email address here, if you want to leave yours, I will communicate with you.

      • Phyllis Brown,
        Thank you so much for the pictures you have taken for everyone ❤️ I have an uncle and aunt there in Lonely Cemetery.
        Walter and Shirley Moles. Also 2 baby sisters that I haven’t seen a marker for them. They all are in the left side back of cemetery my uncle Eugene Moles said. I today don’t understand why my parents never put grave markers there. The babies were arnd 13 months old, I was told.
        Pansy Marilyn Crabtree
        Barbara Sue Crabtree. Had 4 girls in less than 4 years .

      • In some instances it wasn’t feasible to purchase gravestones – especially if several died within a short amount of time. But very sorrowful that they aren’t remembered with one. This must have happened many times over. I have seen some baby gravestones, but with no name or date. Only the parents and family of the child, when buried, would know whose remains were there, but not later generations.

  7. Thank you so much for all you for the Lonely Cemetery 💗. I hope soon to visit there 😊.

    Donna Crabtree Wilcoxon
    Indpls, In.

  8. The photo of Charles Robert and Ethel Dova Lairs (my great grandparents) tombstone is actually at Alexander Cemetery. I think it’s accidentally been put with this post about Lonely.

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