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Wedding Announcements In The Hazel Green Herald – Wolfe County

The Hazel Green Herald, Hazel Green, Wolfe County, Kentucky

Wednesday, March 9, 1887

The Caudill Twin Brothers are United to the Wells twin Sisters Under One Marriage Ceremony

Rev. W. R. Davis, of Morgan County, on Thursday, the third institute, officiated at one of the most remarkable weddings which ever took place in this section.  On that day he solemnized the right of matrimony between Robert Lee and John T. Caudill, of the first part, twins and sons of Abel Caudill, Rowan County, and Misses Mahala and Kalah Wells, of the second part, twins and daughters of William Wells, of Caney, Morgan County; Robert Lee married Miss Mahala and John T. united in the holy banns with Miss Kalah.  There were present about two hundred persons to witness the nuptials, and everything went merry.  This was truly a double wedding in every sense, except that Mr. Davis did not get a double fee.  Indeed, he would not accept any fee whatsoever, as the young brides were his nieces.  Brides and grooms were as happy as it is possible to be, but it is safe to predict that they have already gone to Rowan or soon will.  To prevent any serious trouble, therefore, we wish them abundant success in life, and modestly suggest that each of the grooms present his bride with a year’s subscription to The Herald, which insures happiness and long life in every household.

The Hazel Green Herald, Hazel Green, Wolfe County, Kentucky

Thursday, December 19, 1895

Quite a romantic marriage took place in our quiet little village last Monday.  As per announcement in our last issue, Tom Lee, of Midland, Texas, and Miss Lucy Wallis, of near Daysboro, in this county, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony.  The bride and groom and the attendants were on horseback when the ceremony was pronounced by Elder J. T. Pieratt, after which the party galloped away.  The attendants were John Cecil and Miss Martha Byrd, George Byrd and Miss Minnie Wallis, Andy Blankenship and Miss Florida Gillaspie.  The party had dinner at the hospitable home of our fellow-countyman, Ed. F. Cecil, by way of an infair, and then dispersed with hands shaking and protestations of love and friendship for the future.  Mr. Lee and his wife left Tuesday for their western home, and all who know them join with us in the wish that they may have a long life of pleasure and prosperity.

The Hazel Green Herald, Hazel Green, Wolfe County, Kentucky

Thursday, October 2, 1902

A Wedding and Wedding Feast

Married, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Roe Nickell, of our town, on Thursday, September 25th, Nick Bailey and Miss Eliza Nickell.  The bride is a very distant relative of mine host, where the ceremony was performed, and an orphan girl, both her parents being dead.  The groom is a young widower with three children, but a prosperous farmer of Morgan County.  Mr. Nickell and wife, F. M. Long and wife, Oscar Fallen and wife, and perhaps others of the good citizens of Dickville, for the nonce formed a trust by pooling their dinner-pots and honored the bridal couple with a dinner worthy of the occasion, after which the “two souls with but a single thought, two hears that beat as one,” left for their home on Tom’s Branch.

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