Database – St. Rose Catholic Church Baptisms – Washington County

St. Rose Catholic Church, from the adjoining cemetery.

Good morning!  Today’s database is St. Rose Catholic Church Baptisms.  This is an Excel file of 4,840 baptisms from St. Rose Catholic Church, located on Hwy 152, Loretto Road, just outside the city of Springfield in Washington County, Kentucky.  The files are sorted by last name and include the years 1830-1886.  Information in the files include name of child, parents, date of birth (for most), sponsor and date of baptism.

baptisms st. rose 2

Many of the Maryland to Kentucky pioneers and their families are buried here.

This is the church my mother and her family attended when she was growing up.  Here she was baptized, made her first communion, was confirmed, married my father.  My Carrico grandparents are buried here, as well as aunts, uncles, great-grandparents, and many other relations.  It has been a big part of my life – when I visited my grandmother we went to church at St. Rose.

St. Rose Church was established in 1806, as a sister of St. Ann Church just a few miles down the road.  St. Ann Church closed several decades later.  The Tudor-Gothic church is the oldest standing structure west of the Alleghenies still in use as a church.  It was named in honor of St. Rose of Lima.

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  1. Unbelievable collection for all interested in genealogy. I log on to Kentucky Kindred daily and throughly enjoy it!

  2. Phyllis, once again I thank you. As you know St. Rose is very special to me also. My grandmother and grandfather are buried there along with many, many other kinfolks. On Memorial Days back in the 1950s our families met there to pay homage to our ancestors. The Carricos are also in my family line.

  3. My 4th Great grandfather Benjamin Harrison Kerrick had a sister I believe named Joan or Joanna, married a man Surname Mudd, at this Church in the 1790’s. I may be off on dates. She declared next of kin as B.H.Kerrick as her brother. This Mudd was the grandfather of Dr. Mudd who fixed John Wilkes Booth leg after his shot the Hon. President Lincoln. I called this Church 20 years ago seeking a copy of record but they informed me all there records were donated to the Historical Society many years ago. Any thoughts?

    • I don’t see this record in the Washington County marriage records. Their records being in 1792. As for the records for St. Rose they were not completed as efficiently as other churches. Baptismal, marriage and death records are all a mess – missing, incomplete.

  4. Thanks for all of your work. You have mentioned that the records were a mess. My grandfather, Eugene Felix Thompson was born 1 August 1882 and was supposedly at Sr Rose. His parents were George and Mary Florence Cecil Thompson. Your records show that they had a son, Joseph Edward Francis Thompson, born 1 August 1882 and baptized on 5 August 1882.
    Perhaps Eugene’s record was misplaced. If so, he and Joseph were twins and Joseph died as an infant as we have no records of him.

  5. Dear Phyllis, thank you for the incredible research and resources that you share. I consult your website frequently. I was wondering on this St Rose Baptismal registry about entries for enslaved Catholics. I see son of / daughter of information. I’m used to seeing ‘servant of’ as well. Did the registry have this information as well? Any recommendations on getting it? I’m inquiring in part for a group called.The Reckoning in Louisville that is making a database of Black Kentuckians. Thanks so much!

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