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The White Family of Grayson County

Hanging Rock Baptist Church and Cemetery, Grayson County, Kentucky.

Ritchey and I visited Grayson County in May of 2016.  We loved the rural area where Hanging Rock Baptist Church is located, in the north central portion of the county, between Hwy 249 and Lilac Road, 737, on Hanging Rock Road.

Taken from Historical Sketches and Family Histories – Grayson County, Kentucky, The Grayson County Historical Society, 2002.

Stone listing members buried in this Hanging Rock Cemetery with no gravestones.

The White Family

George White married Nancy Rogers in 1804 in Nelson County, Kentucky, and they had two sons -James Rogers and Jonathan Rogers – who lived to adulthood.  These sons were born in Nelson County in 1808 and 1810, respectively.

Exactly when the family moved to the Grayson County area is not known, but both men raised large families here.  James Rogers White married Juda Wilson in 1828, and they had nine children:

Joseph Wilson White and Margaret T. Moore White.

William Blackburn (1829) married Sarah Harrell; Joseph Wilson (1830) married Margaret T. Moore, 12 children; Sarah Henrietta (1831) married John Alexander Dunn, a second cousin, nine children; John Rogers (1833) married Catherine Elizabeth Stone, daughter of Moses and Catherine Barnes Stone, seven children; Nancy Rogers (1838) and married James Dennison; Mary Dunn (1842) married Thomas Jefferson Harrell, six children; Martha (1842), twin of Mary, died two days after birth; and Harriet Eliza (1846) married William Cliff Lesher, two children.

Jonathan Rogers White married Susan Turner and they also had nine children:

The Breckenridge News, Cloverport, Breckinridge, Kentucky.

Wednesday, October 4, 1899

Rev. Hosea Bishop White, June 3, 1843 – July 25, 1914.  Nancy E., his wife, July 31, 1846 – November 28, 1904.

Nancy Blackburn (1850) married William H. Harrell, eight children; Phebe Eliza (1832) married John Ellis Stone, seven children; James M. (1834) unmarried; William B. (1835) married Rebecca D. Haynes, three children; George Washington (1837) married Eliza Harned, then America McDaniel, seven children; Hosea Bishop (1843) married Nancy Ellen Stone, nine children; Martha W. (1845) married William Green, six children; Mary L. (1848) married John W. Stone; and Sarah F. (1850) married Lloyd Parrish.

James and Jonathan White had at least 78 grandchildren, all apparently born and raised in Grayson County.  Most of these stayed in Grayson County and raised families.

The White family lived in and around Hanging rock Church community and many were active in that church.  Hosea Bishop White was pastor of Hanging Rock Church in 1884, 1885 and 1887.  James Rogers, John and Hosea Bishop were messengers to the Goshen Baptist Association.

In 1899, there was a birthday celebration for James Rogers White held at Little Clifty Baptist Church.  A picture was taken of 63 adult descendants and spouses.  About 80 years later his great-granddaughter, Ora White Ferry, identified 42 of the individuals in the picture.

Names identified in addition to Whites were Watson, Dunn, Harrell, Carter, Armstrong, Sturgeon, Lesher, Probus, Ferry, Wilson, Bozarth and Clark, all familiar names in Grayson County.

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    • Debi, I checked and there are no gravestones for the four members of the Carter family you were interested in. They are listed on the stone in the cemetery that was placed there for those with no gravestones. Look at the first photo in the blog on The White Family. Click once more to enlarge and you will see those Carter family names listed.

  1. How exciting to come across this. Reverend HBWhite is my 3x Great Grandfather. You mention a picture of 63 adults…. Do you happen to have a copy of this picture?

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