Members of the Linton Family Buried in Valley Cemetery – Spencer County

Little do we know where we will find extended family members.  My Linton family moved from Loudoun County, Virginia, to Washington County, Kentucky, 1800-1818.  At first, according to my great-grandmother’s writings, they all moved in one large caravan.  Further research has shown that Captain John Hancock Linton, wife Ann Nancy Mason Linton, and all ten of their children did move – just not all at the same time.  Moses Linton, the eldest son, came to Kentucky with his family about 1800.  Edward Barber Edwards and wife Nancy Linton came in 1816.  One of the younger sons, my William Linton, came with one of these earlier migrations since he married Eliza Lyon Moran in Washington County in 1817, before the captain arrived in November of 1818.  Son Benjamin Franklin Linton moved his family to Logan County, in the western section of the state.  While researching in Spencer County, Ritchey and I found members of the Linton family buried in Valley Cemetery.  These were later Linton’s, born 1850’s to 1860’s.  But I can trace them back to Captain John!

One of the sons of Moses Linton, Benjamin Clark Linton, lived in the portion of Washington County that was cut off to form the new county of Marion in 1834.  Benjamin first married Martha Eleanor Hayes, much to the protests of her mother!  They had three children, William, James Fenton and an infant that died at childbirth, as well as Martha.  Within a year he married Ann Caroline Newton, and they raised a large family.  Two of their sons, John and Martin, are buried in Valley Cemetery.  Benjamin died in 1862, wife Caroline lived an additional 33 years, passing away September 11, 1895.

Valley Cemetery is located just outside the city limits of Taylorsville, in Spencer County.

John Linton married Sarah A. E. Truax in Spencer County October 13, 1875.  According to the census records they raised a large family – Zebulon, Anna Alice, Mary, John E., Arthur H., Lonzo, James, Sarah and Josie.

John Linton, October 21, 1851 – August 14, 1909.  Sarah A. Truax Linton, April 9, 1852 – January 9, 1832.  Valley Cemetery, Spencer County, Kentucky.

The Courier Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Monday, August 16, 1909

After John’s death in 1909 Sarah lived another 23 years.

From her death certificate we find her parents – Zebulon Truax and Mary J. Canada, both born in Spencer County.  I could find not an obituary for Sarah Truax Linton.

Janie N. Linton, 1866-1931.  Martin Linton, 1862-1904.

Martin Linton married Jane Cooper in 1883.  They had one daughter, Erline Ruby, who was born in July of 1892.  She married a Mr. Hickman.

The Courier Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Sunday, March 28, 1954

Arthur H. Linton, June 30, 1884 – February 13, 1958.

Arthur H. Linton was the son of John and Sarah Truax Linton.

The Courier Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Friday, February 14, 1958

Mary Linton Murray, August 24, 1880 – May 20,1970.  Charles E. Murray, July 19, 1873 – November 24, 1948.

Mary Linton, daughter of John and Sarah Linton, married Charles E. Murray.  She died in 1970 at the age of 89.

The Courier Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Friday, May 22, 1970

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