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Erastus Tousey’s Extraordinary Love Letters to Wife Catherine

Being the romantic that I am, I had to share this article found in The Cincinnati Enquirer from Thursday, February 26, 2015.  I introduced you to Erastus and Catherine Tousey on the 10th.  Ritchey and I had lunch at what once was their beautiful home – Tousey House Tavern.  Who knew he would write such lovely letters to Catherine during his travels?

The letter written in 1826 about the day he proposed, six years earlier, would make any woman swoon, ‘but I cannot help expressing the innocent feelings I felt at that time; there was something so good, so pleasant, so agreeable and so heavenly in your countenance.’  Evidently home life was very pleasant as he writes in 1831, he ‘longed for the time when circumstances will permit me to remain at that most endearing place called home, which I understand to be with wife, children and friends.’

After her husband’s death in 1863, Catherine lived another 32 years.  She remained a widow, outliving all her children.

Old Burlington Cemetery, Boone County, Kentucky.

Erastus and Catherine are buried in Old Burlington Cemetery in Boone County.  Their stone appeared ready to topple, and there was caution tape to keep you at a distance.  If you notice in the above photo the tape covers Catherine’s death.  Would I let a little something like caution tape keep me from getting a good photo?  Of course not!  I worked with the tape until it was above the information I needed – very carefully to prevent the stone falling down.

Erastus Tousey, born October 9, 1798, died January 22, 1863.  Catherine S. Tousey, born March 20, 1805, died March 19, 1895.


Juliet S. Tousey, born July 10, 1825, died August 12, 1888.

Daughter Juliet’s side of the family stone.

Mary F. Tousey, November 24, 1829 – September 19, 1856.  Charles E. Tousey, June 1, 1839 – November 12, 1888.  Children of E. and C. S. Tousey.

The sun made it difficult to get a good shot of this side.

One other child, Ann Eliza Tousey Stephenson, 1822-1865, is not buried in this cemetery.

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