Old Wills

1809 Will of Edward Reynolds – Caldwell County

The beginning of this will states that Edward Reynolds is living in Livingston County.  Caldwell County was formed from Livingston County January 31, 1809, shortly after this will was written.  Therefore Mr. Reynolds last will and testament is the first in the new county’s will book.  Some records suggest this family moved to Kentucky from Chesterfield County, South Carolina, but I could find no proof.  I believe one son is not named in the will – perhaps the clerk left out the name?  Check the third bequest.  Supposedly there are eight shares, but unless you count this unnamed son there are only seven.  What do you think?

Will of Edward Reynolds

Caldwell County Will Book A, Pages 1-2

In the name of God, Amen.  I, Edward Reynolds, of Livingston County and State of Kentucky, being weak in body but of sound mind and memory do make, ordain and constitute this my last will and testament.  First, I resign my soul to almighty God who gave it, hoping he will receive the same in mercy, my body I desire may be decently buried and my funeral expenses paid, and my worldly goods and chattels I dispose of in the following manner.  Viz.

Item first.  I give and bequeath to my son Edward Reynolds a black horse called Jack, which he has in possession, also one hundred dollars in money to be paid out of my estate before a division takes place, and then an equal share of my property with his other brothers.

Item second.  I give unto my son Joel Reynolds one eighth part of all my property, except the extra legacy left my son Edward, he having received a sum equal to his said brother Edward, two hundred dollars before.

Item third.  I give unto my son an equal divide of my property with his brother Joel, he having also received his part extra, say two hundred dollars before.

Item fourth.  I give to my son Darlin an equal eight share of my property with such privilege as shall hereafter be stated.

Item fifth.  I give unto my daughter Nancy (last name?) one Negro, or yellow Negro girl called Hannah as her full eighth part as share of all my property which is to be considered as an eighth and she is to receive nothing else except what I have before given.

Item sixth.  I give unto my daughter Charity Vickers one eight part of all my estate, exclusive of what she has before received.

Item seventh.  I give unto my deceased daughter Polly’s child, Rebecca Reynolds, a child’s share equal with what I have my others, Joel and Edward and Darlin.

Item eighth.  I give unto my daughter Rhoda an equal share with my daughter Charity and the others, and thirty dollars extra.

Item ninth.  I give unto my dearly and well beloved wife all my property not bequeathed, to enjoy the same during her widowhood and natural life, and in her widowhood and out of the proceeds thereof to educate, school and support my son Darlin, daughter Rhoda, and granddaughter Rebecca, my aforesaid daughter Polly’s child, except the yellow Negro girl which my daughter Nancy is to receive at my death and at my said wife’s death or marriage, my will is that my said estate be fairly and justly divided agreeable to the form and manner above stated.

Item.  I do hereby constitute and appoint my wife Executrix and my friend Daniel Young my Executor, jointly to get and transact and carry into effect this my  last will and testament and I hereby renounce, disannul and make void all other will or wills desiring this to be my only true will and testament and desire the same may be recorded as such.  In witness whereof I have hereunto affixed my hand and seal this third day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight

hundred and eight.  Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of G. Lamb, Daniel Young, William Rheeves.

Edward Reynolds

Caldwell County, May Term 1809

I, John H. Phelps, Clerk of said county, do certify that the within will was produced in open court by the executor therein named, and proven by the oaths of George Lamb, Daniel Young and William Rheaves, three subscribing witnesses thereto, and ordered to recorded.  And that a true copy stands recorded in my office, given under my hand this 2nd day of May 1809.

John. H. Phelps.

Any thoughts?

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