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Family of Isaac Wilson Walker and Deborah Oliver Prather – Maryland to Kentucky

This history of the Isaac Wilson Walker and Deborah Oliver Prather family is included in the Livingston County Kentucky History and Families 1798-2010.  I was excited to see this information because my husband is descended from the above couple, through their daughter Rachel Margaret Walker who married Thomas Jones, through their son William Owen Jones.  William Jones married Rebecca Jane Bennett, and their daughter, Serena Annora Jones is my husband’s great-grandmother, the wife of George William Jolly.  All gravestone photos were taken at Landrum Cemetery, located on Hwy 453 in central southern Livingston County, on a small road between Paradise Scott Road and Jake Dukes Road.

Isaac W. Walker, born October 31, 1780, died August 10, 1839.  Deborah O. Walker, born October 24, 1779, died November 2, 1869.  Erected by G. S. Walker.  “Our father and mother are bone, they may become the sod, death awaits tho we miss you, we know you rest with God.’

Isaac Wilson Walker, son of Charles and Sarah Wilson Ryan, was born October 31, 1780, in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  He died August 10, 1839, in Livingston County, Kentucky.

The old stone attached to the back of the new one.

Isaac married Deborah Oliver ‘Polly’ Prather October 8, 1801, in Prince George Parish, Maryland.  Polly was born October 24, 1779, in Prince George’s Parish at Rock Creek, Frederick County, Maryland, daughter of Baruch William ‘Peter” (1742-1810) and Sarah Higgins Prather (1761-1844).  Polly died November 2, 1869, in Livingston County.  She and Isaac were buried at Landrum Cemetery

Isaac and Polly moved to Fayette County, Kentucky, with her father and his family.  They appear in the census in 1810 and then moved to Livingston County, Kentucky.

Isaac and Polly were the parents of Sarah H., Delilah, Rachel Deborah ‘Peggy’, George S. Washington, Martha Ann ‘Patsy’, Mary Ellen and Thomas Jefferson ‘Jeff’ Walker.  Sarah, Delilah, Rachel, Mary and Thomas were buried in Landrum Cemetery.

Sarah was born in Fayette County, Kentucky.  She died September 18, 1888, in Livingston County.  She married Andrew Ross May 7, 1825, in Caldwell County and were the parents of James Columbus, Martha Jane and Willis C. Ross.

Delilah married Thomas Jones, April 18, 1828, in Caldwell County, Kentucky.

Thomas, husband of Rachel Jones, born June 20, 1806, died January 13, 1890. 

He was born June 20, 1806, in Green County, later Livingston County, Kentucky, son of

William A. Jones, born June 17, 1784, died December 20, 1847.

William A. Jones who was born in 1784 and buried in Landrum Cemetery.  Thomas died January 13, 1890, in Livingston County.  Thomas married Delilah’s sister, Rachel ‘Peggy’ Walker.

Rachel, wife of Thomas Jones, born September 6, 1808, died January 19, 1875.

Rachel was born September 6, 1808, in Livingston County.  She died there January 19, 1875.  Rachel married Thomas Jones, May 8, 1830, in Livingston County.

William Owen, husband of Ann E. Jones, born August 26, 1837, died August 1927.  ‘How desolate our home, bereft of thee.

They were the parents of William Owen, Deborah Ellen,

Susan F. J. Stringer, 1834-1858.  Wife of John Stringer, daughter of Thomas Jones.

Susan Frances, Isaac W.,

To the memory of Thomas J. W. Jones, born September 7, 1832, died December 2, 1864.

Thomas J. W., Francis ‘France’ M., Henry R., Mason Collin, and Benjamin Clementon Jones.  Francis was included in the biography of his daughter, Martha ‘Mattie’ Jane Jones Knight.

George married Penina Varnell.  Their children were Isaac Jefferson, James M. and Charles O. Walker.

Martha was born January 10, 1816, and died April 28, 1903, in Livingston County and was buried in Smithland Cemetery.  She married Charles Manning/Manginus Wilson.  Additional information about them is included in the biography of their daughter, Martha ‘Mattie’ Jane Jones Knight.  She was the daughter of Francis M. and Rachel Deborah ‘Peggy’ Wilson Jones.

Mary was born March 9, 1821, in Livingston County and died July 22, 1883.  She married Thomas J. Hopper October 10, 1839, in Livingston County and later married Commodore Parke.  Mary and Thomas’ children were Thomas Lalus and Sarah J. Hopper.  Mary and Commodore were parents of Martha E., Rachel J. and Mary A. Parker.

Thomas was born December 12, 1823, in Livingston County, and died September 6, 1893.  He married Matilda Jane Talley, June 5, 1848, in Livingston County.  They were parents of Isaac, Sarah D.P.D., George S., Charles Oliver, Mary Rachel, Martha J. ‘Mattie’, Delia A., Charles W. and Thomas A. Walker.

The following chart of the descendants of Isaac Wilson Walker and Deborah Oliver Prather may be easier to read:

  1. Sarah H. Walker married Andrew Ross May 7, 1825, in Caldwell County.
  • James Columbus Ross
  • Martha Jane Ross
  • Willis C. Ross
  1. Delilah Walker was born September 9, 1805, died September 20, 1828, married Thomas Jones April 18, 1828, in Caldwell County. No children.
  2. Rachel Deborah ‘Peggy’ Walker, born September 6, 1808, died January 19, 1875, married her sister’s widower Thomas Jones, May 8, 1830
  • William Owen Jones married Rebecca J., born September 13, 1831, died March 15, 1883.
  • Deborah Ellen Jones
  • Susan Frances Jones
  • Isaac W. Jones
  • Thomas J. W. Jones
  • Francis ‘France’ M. Jones
  • Henry R. Jones
  • Mason Collin Jones
  • Benjamin Clementon Jones
  1. George S. Washington Walker married Penina Varnell.
  • Isaac Jefferson Walker
  • James M. Walker
  • Charles O. Walker
  1. Martha Ann ‘Patsy’ Walker was born January 10, 1816, and died April 28, 1903, married Charles Manning/Manginus Wilson.
  • Deborah Rachel ‘Peggy’ Wilson married Francis ‘France’ M. Jones.
  1. Mary Ellen Walker was born March 9, 1821, and died July 22, 1883, married Thomas J. Hopper, and later Commodore Parker.
  • Thomas Lalus Hopper
  • Sarah J. Hopper
  • Martha E. Parker
  • Rachel J. Parker
  • Mary A. Parker
  1. Thomas Jefferson ‘Jeff’ Walker was born December 12, 1823, died September 6, 1893, married Matilda Jane Talley
  • Isaac Walker
  • Sarah D. P. D. Walker
  • George S. Walker
  • Charles Oliver Walker
  • Mary Rachel Walker
  • Martha J. “Mattie’ Walker
  • Delia A. Walker
  • Charles W. Walker
  • Thomas A. Walker

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  1. Got any suggestions on ways to do the research thru this Kentucky Kindred Genealogy link on those individuals Hoagland, Hougland, Hogan between 1728 and 1800. Probable landowner, Jefferson CO 1780 and Fayette CO Tax List 1788. “Hogan, James Jr” Also “Hogan, James Sr” 1780 • Jefferson Entries, Page 223, Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds
    Counties they lived in Fincastle, Jefferson, Fayette, Nelson, Bullitt…
    Owns property next to James (1) Edmond Adcock married Mary Ford November 28, 1794 Bonded James Hogland

  2. Deborah Oliver and Isaac W Walker are my 4th great grandparents through their son Thomas Jefferson Walker. My grandmother Mary Talcalene Walker was born in Livingston County, Ky and I currently reside the next county over in Paducah. I enjoyed this information.

  3. Isaac W Walker and Deborah Oliver Prather are my 4th great grandparents through their daughter Rachel “Peggy” Walker who married Thomas Jones. My second great grandfather was his son William Owen Jones. I was born in Paducah, Ky. and have visited the family graves in Smithland many time.

  4. Does anyone have a source document to prove the parents of Isaac W. Walker and/or Deborah Oliver Prather? I am interested in adding their ancestors on a DAR supplemental application. I have been unable to locate source documents to prove the lineage. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!

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