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Samuel Knock, 1851 Will, Elizabeth Knock, 1872 Will – Jessamine County

Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery in Nicholasville, Jessamine County, Kentucky, is Samuel Knock.  He was born September 15, 1778, and was about 73 years old when he died December 11, 1851.  In his will, which follows, he lists his wife, Elizabeth, one son, Thomas W. Knock, and three married daughters – Caroline Knock Mitchell, Elizabeth Knock Goss and Mary Knock Poor.  I could find no marriage records for the parents or their children in Jessamine County. 

In the 1850 census for Jessamine, Samuel Knock was 72, born in Maryland; Elizabeth was 54.  Son Thomas lived at home at the age of 29.  Mary Poor, the couple’s married daughter, 20, was in the household since husband Robert Poor died in 1849.  Their one child, a daughter, Alice, was 1 year old, living with her grandparents.

I did find a marriage record for Mary Knock Poor’s second marriage to Theodore Elbert.  The marriage took place in Bourbon County, March 8, 1855.  Theodore was born in Harrison County, 44, a widower.  Mary Poor lived in Nicholasville, 26, and was born in Jessamine County.  Theodore and Mary had one child, Samuel T. Elbert.  Mary was not very lucky with husbands.  Theodore died before 1860, and son Samuel died before 1870.

In the 1860 census Elizabeth was head of household, aged 64.  With her lived daughter Mary Elbert, 31; granddaughter, Alice M. Poor, 11; and grandson, Samuel T. Elbert, 5.

By 1870 Alice M. Poor had married John C. Price.  It was with them that her mother, Mary Knock Poor Elbert, lived, as well as her grandmother, Elizabeth Knock.  Elizabeth died five years later.

Samuel Knock, born September 15, 1778, died December 11, 1851. Maple Grove Cemetery, Nicholasville, Jessamine County, Kentucky.

Of the photographs I took when at Maple Grove Cemetery, the only one I have is for Samuel Knock.  Searching on Find A Grave I couldn’t find any for the other members of the family.

Will of Samuel Knock

Jessamine County Will Book H, Pages 337-388

I, Samuel Knock, of the County of Jessamine and State of Kentucky, being of sound mind and disposing memory, do make, constitute and ordain this my last will and testament, hereby revoking and annulling all other will or wills heretofore made by me.

First.  It is my will and wish, and I do direct, that my son Thomas W. Knock, is to have all that portion of my farm on the north and east side of the Sugar Creek Road, lying and being in Jessamine County, and containing one hundred and sixty-five acres of land, be the same more or less, to him and his heirs forever.

Second.  I hereby loan unto my beloved wife Elizabeth M. Knock, the farm upon which I now live, lying south of the Sugar Creek Road and west of the turnpike in Jessamine County containing two hundred and ten acres, be the same more or less, also four of my choicest slaves and as much of my stock and farming utensils as she may wish to retain after my death, also all my household and kitchen furniture, the above tract of land, slaves and other property willed to my said wife, Elizabeth.  She is to retain the same as long as she lives, provided she remains my widow, but if she should marry after my death, then all of said property is to revert to my children as hereafter directed.

Third.  After my death all the balance of my property not disposed of as above directed, I wish to be equally divided among my four children, to wit, Caroline Mitchell, Thomas W. Knock, Elizabeth Goss and Mary Poor, equaling taking into estimate the amount of property that I have heretofore given them each, which I have charged against each of my said children in a book for that purpose, and also any other property which I may give to them or each of them before I die is to be brought into the division.  That portion of my property which may go to my said daughters, I will and bequeath it to them and the heirs of their bodies forever, that the same is to remain in their possession as long as they live, and after their death their portion each to go to the children of each.

Fourth.  After the death of my wife Elizabeth, that portion of my land loaned to her or upon the even of her marriage, said tract of land is to be equally divided between my three daughters, Caroline Mitchell, Elizabeth Goss and Mary Poor, according to quality and quantity, to them and their heirs forever, upon the death of each or any of my daughters, their portion of said tract of land to go to the heirs of their bodies.  Also, the slaves given or loaned to my wife at the time of her death or marriage to be equally divided between my said four children, above named, and the portions going to my daughters are for the benefit of them and their children, and if either of my daughters should die before my wife, their portion of all of said property to go to their child or children.

Fifth.  It is my will as above directed that my slaves be equally divided between my said children, if they cannot make the division amicably among themselves, then there are to be commissioners appointed by the court to do the same.  And it is my will and wish that my slaves be retained in the family.

Sixth.  If I should leave any debts against me at the time of my decease, it is my will that each of my said children pay their proportionable part thereof, that is each one pay a fourth part of said debts.

I hereby appoint Thomas E. West, Executor, of this my last will and testament, to act in the division of the property named in the foregoing will among my said children.  If it should be

necessary and any other matters necessary in the carrying out my said will.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 26th of February 1851.

                               Samuel Knock

Witness William S. Scott, H. Rowland, A. Wake

State of Kentucky

Jessamine County Court, January Court 1852, January 19th

I, Melvin T. Lowry, Clerk of the county aforesaid, do certify that the foregoing writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Samuel Knock, deceased, was this day produced in open court and proven to be such by the oaths of William S. Scott and Alexander Wake, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto, according to law and who also proved the handwriting and signature of H. Rowland, the other subscribing witness and ordered to be recorded, which together with this certificate is duly entered of record in my office.

M. T. Lawry, Clerk

Will of Elizabeth Knock

Jessamine County Will Book L, Page 477-478

In the name of God, amen.  I, Elizabeth Knock, of Nicholasville, Jessamine County, Kentucky, being of sound and deposing mind and memory, but knowing the uncertainty of human life, do make and publish the following as my last will and testament – viz.

Having given my daughter Mary M. Elbert, in her lifetime, as much or more than I am now able to give my daughter, Caroline Mitchell, I now will and bequeath to my said daughter, Caroline Mitchell, my house and lot in Nicholasville, Jessamine County, Kentucky, where I now live, as her own separate property, and to her use and the heirs of her body forever.

Given under my hand this 15th day of July 1872.

E. M. Knock

Witness S. Noland, S. H. Noland, Carrie K. Noland

State of Kentucky

Jessamine County Court   June Term 1875, June 21st

I, Robert S. Price, Clerk of the County Court of the County aforesaid, do certify that the foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Elizabeth M. Knock, deceased, was this day produced and proved in open court by the oaths of S. Noland and S. H. Noland, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto, whereupon it was ordered by the court that said instrument of writing be allowed and established as the last will and testament of said Elizabeth M. Knock deceased, and as such duly admitted to record, which will and other certificate is duly recorded in my office.  Given under my hand this 21st day of June 1875.   Robert S. Price, Jessamine County Clerk

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