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Horse Drawn Wagon with Ladies and Boat

This photograph is not the best, but so very interesting! It was included in a box of photographs auctioned at Saginaw, Michigan that I purchased.

The dapple gray horses are beautiful, and the driver in his top hat and black suit is very dapper. Notice the wheels on the wagon, very wide. I count nine ladies clad in white dresses, each wearing a dark ribbon. Are they part of a club or group? Was this a float in a parade?

And the most surprising aspect is the boat on the wagon bed. You can see the sail (although it does blend in with the ladies’ dresses) and some of the letters of the name of the boat.

How I wish I knew the occasion!

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  1. Must have been a very special,occasion. The ladies and driver are dressed up so elegantly. Thank you Phyliss. I can’t imagine letting pictures like this leave the family.

  2. In 1880 the Suffrage Movement in the USA began, unity women seeking their social and civil rights.

    The word on the front of the boat is probably “fraternity.”

  3. At first, I thought they might have been members of the Daughters of the Revolutionary War group because of the medals and ribbons. Then I saw the different hats on the ladies and thought maybe nurses and trainees. Too bad the name was covered. Remarkable picture.

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