Old Photos

Stichler and Everetts Family – Clinton County, Michigan

I have two old photographs to share with you today.  Although it is rare, names are written on the back of each. 

The first is a photograph of Dilazon and Mary Stichler – notated as grandma and grandpa. 

Dilazon Lewis Stichler was born in New York in September 1835, the son of George Stichler and Lucy Waldo.  George and Lucy were married in New York, May 11, 1834.  They lived in Buffalo, then moved to Ohio.  In 1837 they moved to Woodhull Township in Shiawassee County, Michigan, and made their final move ten years later to Laingsburg, in the same county.  George Stichler died there November 25, 1883.  Lucy Waldo Stichler lived another 24 years.  At her death there was a nice article in the Owosso Times , Friday, April 12, 1907, which gave this information. In addition to 7 children, George and Lucy had 8 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren.


Mary L. Everetts was born in New York in January of 1836.  Her father, Edward Everetts, is listed on her death certificate.  He was born in New York.  Her mother is listed as unknown.  Mary’s son Grant was the informant.  I’m surprised he didn’t know his grandmother’s name.  Although, if she died before Mary married and had children, that is a possibility.

The second photograph is of Dilazon and Mary Stichler’s daughter and son-in-law, Fred and Nettie Stichler Dickinson.  They were such a handsome couple.  Two sons – Everett Glenn and Gilbert Pearl – completed the family.

Through census records and help from Find A Grave I have completed a list of the following children for Dilazon and Mary:

  1. Clarence W. Stichler, 1858 – January 7, 1861.   Buried Reed Cemetery, Victor Township, Clinton County, Michigan.
  2. Wallace J. Stichler, 1859-1944.  Buried Reed Cemetery
  3. Herbert B. Stichler, 1862-1897.  Buried Reed Cemetery
  4. Eva M. Stichler, December 21, 1863 – February 15, 1869.  Buried Reed Cemetery.
  5. Ida A. Stichler, May 24, 1867 – June 28, 1879.  Buried Reed Cemetery.
  6. Nettie C. Stichler, July 1869 – June 25, 1954.  Buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Vermontville, Eaton County, Michigan.
  7. Rupert Stichler, November 22, 1872 – July 28, 1879.  Buried Reed Cemetery.
  8. Jesse L. Stichler, July 16, 1874 – July 19, 1879.  Buried Reed Cemetery.
  9. Grant W. Stichler, October 14, 1876 – October 23, 1964.  Buried Reed Cemetery.
  10. Dilazon L. Stichler, January 18, 1879 – 1952.  Buried Reed Cemetery.
  11. Richard D. Stichler, February 28, 1881 – July 16, 1965.  Buried Reed Cemetery.

Of the eleven children of Dilazon and Mary Stichler, only six lived to adulthood.  Three children died between June 28 and July 28 of 1879.  With research I found cholera to be widespread throughout the Midwest during the summer of 1879.  Perhaps this is what took these children.

Dilazon Lewis Stichler died February 11, 1915.  Mary Everts Stichler died in 1923.  They are buried in Reed Cemetery with their children.  Although there were obituaries for Dilazon’s parents, I could find nothing for him or Mary.

Any thoughts?

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