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1811 Will of James Hogan – Garrard County, Kentucky

James Hogan was the son of James Shadrack Hogan and Silence Lane, born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, April 2, 1752.  The family moved to Anson County, North Carolina after 1770.  James’s wife, according to his will, was named Elizabeth.  James and Elizabeth Hogan are buried in the Hogan Family Cemetery in Bryantsville, Garrard County, Kentucky.

James Hogan owned one of the first public ferries in the state according to the History of Kentucky by Richard H. Collins, Vol. 1, 1924, page 542, in 1785.  It was at the mouth of Hickman’s Creek on the Kentucky River between Jessamine and Garrard County.  According to his will James Hogan owned land on both sides of the river.  Today the US27 bridge crosses the Kentucky River very near Hickman’s Creek. 

I find it interesting that James Hogan owned land in several counties – Scott County on North Elkhorn Creek that he gave to James, Betsey, Rebecca and deceased daughter Catherine’s children; in Jessamine County land that he gave to his daughter Mary ‘Polly’ Hogan Malone where she and her husband and children lived; to his wife and younger children he gave land on both sides of the Kentucky River, Jessamine and Garrard counties, as well as land in Rockcastle County.

Children of James and Elizabeth Hogan:

  1. James Hogan married Nancy Irvine
  2. Betsey Hogan married James Boldock July 29, 1799, consent of her father James Hogan.
  3. Rebecca Hogan married William McMurtry September 10, 1803.
  4. Catherine Hogan, May 12, 1778 – February 24, 1809, married Mason Moss 1796 in Garrard County, children, William, James, John and Sally.  Catherine is buried with her parents in the Hogan Family Cemetery.
  5. Mary Hogan married John Malone March 15, 1803.
  6. Sally Hogan married John A. Dunn, married January 25, 1811, bond James Hogan.
  7. John Hogan married Mary Dunn December 13, 1811
  8. Samuel Hogan married Levicy Dunn married January 5, 1814, consent of her father, Benjamin Dunn.
  9. William Hogan married Love Chrisman

The above marriage dates were taken from Garrard County marriage records.

Will of James Hogan

Garrard County Will Book B, Pages 41-44

I, James Hogan, of the County of Garrard and State of Kentucky, having revoked all other wills do make and ordain this my last will and testament in the manner and form following.  That is to say.

First.  I give and devise to my son James, daughter Betsey, daughter Rebecca and my deceased daughter Catey’s four children, that tract of land I possess in Scott County, North Elkhorn, to be divided agreeable to the lines already marked out to them, running at right angles and not agreeable to the meanders of the branch, to them and their heirs forever, except that Mason Moss I will to keep possession of his children’s land till Sally, the youngest, comes to the age of eighteen years, then to be sold and the money equally divided between all four, namely, William Moss, James Moss, John Moss and Sally Moss and also I give to my four grandchildren that is just named a Negro woman named Jancy and all her increase except May, a girl, which I will to be set free in the year eighteen hundred and sixteen on the first day of January, which Negroes is to be equally (divided) between them all four when William Moss, the oldest, comes to the age of 21 years old.

I give and bequeath also to my son James Hogan, a Negro woman named Milly, and her child named Dolley, to him and his heirs forever.  I give and bequeath to my daughter Betsey, a Negro woman  named Lish and her future increase to her and her heirs forever.  I give and bequeath to my daughter, Rebecca, a Negro woman named Fancy and her future increase to her and her heirs forever.  I give and bequeath to my daughter Polly a Negro woman named Phebe and her increase to other and her heirs forever and also I give and devise to my said daughter Polly that tract of land I possess in Jessamine County containing fifty acres whereon she now lives, with all its appurtenances to her and her heirs forever.  I give, devise and bequeath all the rest of my estate both real and personal to be equally divided between my wife, Elizabeth, and my four youngest children Sally, John, Samuel and William Hogan, consisting of six slaves, a ferry at the mouth of Hickman with all the land and appurtenances thereunto belonging on both sides of the Kentucky River, warehouses with all its appurtenances and with the plantation

I now live (on) containing 279 acres and 500 acres of land in the County of Rockcastle on the waters of Rockcastle, also a small tract of land in the County of Jessamine on the waters of Little Hickman and 180 acres in Garrard County on the Kentucky River near the mouth of Hickman and every kind of stock and all and every species of property of any kind and all money that is in hand or coming to me after my just debt is paid, is to be divided as above stated for the only proper use of them and their heirs forever.  And lastly I nominate John Bryant, Samuel Mullins and Benjamin Dunn, Executors, to this my last will and testament, as witness my hand and seal this, the 13th day of February 1811.

James Hogan

Test.  John A. Pulliam, Edward Smith, William Hogan

Garrard county – April County Court 1811

I hereby certify that this last will and testament of James Hogan, deceased, was produced in court at the aforesaid and proved by the oath of John A. Pulliam, William Hogan and Edward Smith

and ordered to be recorded and the same is truly admitted to record.

Teste.  Benjamin Letcher, Clerk

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