Gravestone Photos of Townsend-Ewing Families – Red River Cemetery – Logan County

Anaphileda Watson, consort of Thomas Townsend, Sr., born in Virginia, died 1818 at the age of 88. Mother of Thomas Jefferson Townsend.

In memory of Thomas Townsend, born December 28th 1782, and died May 14th 1851, husband to Elizabeth Davidson Ewing.

General Robert Ewing, a soldier of the Revolution who departed this life on the 14th of July 1832, in the 73rd year of his age.  He was born in Virginia 1760; removed to Tennessee in 1784 and served 2 sessions in the North Carolina Legislature. Was married to Jane McLean on the 4th of July 1787; removed to Logan in 1792; was elected to the Legislature of Kentucky in 1797, served sixteen years in the Senate, the last two years was President. 

Jane McLean, born December 12, 1769, died June 18, 1847, the daughter of Ephraim McLean and Elizabeth Davidson, wife of General Robert Ewing.

Elizabeth Davidson Townsend, born January 1, 1788, departed this life April 1, 1867, daughter of General Robert Ewing and Jane McLean.

To the memory of Dr. R. J. Townsend, who was born August 1807, and died July 23rd 1849, of cholera, son of Thomas Townsend and Elizabeth Davidson Ewing.

Sacred to the memory of Sarah Ann, wife of Dr. R. J. Townsend, and daughter of Dr. P. R. and Elizabeth Beauchamp.  Born at Bowling Green, Kentucky, February 26, 1826.  Married December 23, 1845, died at the residence of her deceased husband in Adairville, Kentucky, September 28, 1889, and now sleeps by the side of her son whose death preceded her own, and in close companionship with him she chose in young womanhood and to whose memory she was faithful through long years of suffering and patient widowhood.

Gilson Columbus Townsend, born September 24, 1846, died October 5, 1861, Aged 15 years and 12 days, son of Robert Jefferson Townsend and Sarah Ann Beauchamp.

Albert B. Townsend, January 12, 1810 – October 31, 1873, son of Thomas Townsend and Elizabeth Ewing.  Find A Grave shows a gravestone, but Ritchey evidently didn’t get a picture – or it something could have happened to the stone.

Mrs. Jane Pamela Link, born October 7, 1813, died February 20, 1872, daughter of Thomas Townsend and Elizabeth Davidson Ewing, first married Samuel S. Bowlen, second Joseph Link.

Eliza Ann Townsend, born November 4, 1815, died October 30, 1865, daughter of Thomas Townsend and Elizabeth Davidson Ewing, wife of John W. Judkins.  No stone.

Amanda M., daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth D. Townsend, and wife of F. M. Beauchamp, Sr., born August 4, 1818, died July 19, 1875.

In memory of Martha McLean Gilbert, wife of R. O. Gilbert, who was born June the 13th, 1824, and died August the 17th, 1855, daughter of Thomas Townsend and Elizabeth Davidson Ewing.

Presley Ephraim Townsend, born February 1, 1823, died December 21, 1896, son of Thomas Townsend and Elizabeth Ewing.

Amanda, wife of P. E. Townsend, born December 5, 1824, died July 19, 1890, daughter of Tillman Offutt and Susan Falconer.

Robert E. Townsend, born March 24, 1845, fell at Milton, Tennessee, March 20, 1863, fighting in defense of the constitutional rights of his native South.  Son of Presley Ephraim Townsend and Amanda Offutt.

In memory of Joseph, son of P. E. and A. Townsend, born January 11, 1856, died December 28, 1868.

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