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George Walter Blatterman and Eleanor Orr Collins Blatterman Celebrate Golden Anniversary October 24, 1843 – Mason County

This started out as simply a post about the golden wedding anniversary of George and Eleanor Blatterman. I found the article in the October 24, 1893, issue of The Evening Bulletin of Maysville Kentucky. Many times I will do a newspaper search on golden wedding anniversaries as they are the goal of every couple – to live and stay married for 50 years. In the process I found so many articles on the family I chose to continue with information – in newspaper articles only – to show how important a resource for genealogical information newspapers can be. Granted, not everyone can find articles on their family – some families live very ordinary lives and an obituary may be all you can find – sometimes not even that much. But if your family lived in a small town it is much more likely they will be mentioned in the local newspaper. See what you can find!

The Evening Bulletin, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky

Tuesday, October 24, 1893

A Golden Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Blatterman Celebrate the Fiftieth Anniversary of Their Marriage

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Blatterman celebrate, today, their golden wedding a pleasurable event that falls to the lot of a few.  This afternoon and evening will be spent in receiving their friends.

On October 24th, 1843, George W. Blatterman led Eleanor Collins to the altar.  The record of fifty years has brought its joys and its sorrows, but still true, still loving, they stand out, an ornament to the community in which they live.  Fifty well-rounded years they have spent together; years of honor and trust; years of blessings; may we wish them fifty more such.

Yesterday, surrounded by their descendants and relatives, they held a grand family reunion, thirty being present.  As the bride and groom of yore looked upon the happy and joyous faces at this second wedding feast, their thoughts and feelings were such, no doubt, as few have known, or can know.  May the sun shine as brightly the balance of their lives as it does on this, their golden wedding day.

The presents were very numerous and beautiful.  The couple were overwhelmed with flowers sent by loving hands, some from a distance.

At the well-spread tables were seated, the bride and groom, L. Collins Blatterman, Mr. and Mrs. William Wormald, Walter C. Wormald, Marian N. Wormald, Frank A. Wormald, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Brooks, of Danville, Virginia, George B. Brooks, Eleanor C. Brooks, Walter B. Brooks, Jr., Walter Blatterman, Shelby M. Blatterman, J. Baron Blatterman, Miss Kate K. Blatterman, Mr. and Mrs. Val P. Collins, of Covington, Mrs. Thomas A. Ross, Lewis C. Ross, Miss Catherin T. Ross, Mr. and Mrs. James C. Owens, Miss Mayme P. Owens, Maximilian Owens, Ross C. Owens, Miss Maria C. Owens and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peers of Mason County.

Children of George W. Blatterman, born August 3, 1820, died March 24, 1912, Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia, and Eleanor Orr Collins, born February 18, 1826, died June 29, 1901, daughter of Lewis Collins and Mary Eleanor Peers:

  1. Lewis Collins Blatterman, born 1845, died January 1, 1902, Maysville, Kentucky.
  2. Charlotte Elizabeth Blatterman, born August 1, 1847, died November 14, 1929, married William Wormald May 24, 1870, children Walter Clements Wormald, Marian N. Wormald and Charlotte B. Wormald.
  3. Mary Eleanor Blatterman, born January 14, 1851, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky, died February 11, 1930, Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia, married November 24, 1874, Walter B. Brooks.
  4. Fanny D. Blatterman, born June 30, 1855, died 1901, Maysville, Kentucky.  Never married.  Was listed living with her family in the 1880 census, but not in 1900.
  5. George Walter Blatterman, born April 7, 1858, died November 7, 1901, Maysville, Kentucky, married September 2, 1880, Harriett Mitchell, one son, Shelby Mitchell Blatterman.  Married second Lily Miller.
  6. Catherine “Kate” Blatterman, born November 2, 1860, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky, died 1948.  Never married.  Kate was a brilliant pianist who gave concerts throughout the United States. She studied at the Cincinnati Music Conservatory.
  7. Joseph Baron Blatterman, born September 9, 1862, died March 26, 1937, Caddo Parish, Louisiana, married Anne Haldeman Escott, one son, Baron Escott Blatterman.

The Louisville Daily Courier, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Friday, May 16, 1856

Old Line Whig Meeting in Mason

In pursuance of a call for a meeting of the Whigs of Mason County, a portion of the members of the party assembled at the Court House in this city on Monday, May 12th.

On motion of John S. Wells, Esq., Judge Lewis Collins was appointed Chairman and George W. Blatterman, Secretary.

The first newspaper notice, that I could find, of George W. Blatterman – and in conjunction with his father-in-law, Lewis Collins.

The Evening Bulletin, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky

Monday, April 17, 1882

Heavy Loss

Mr. George W. Blatterman, who has just retired from business in this city, with the intention of removing to Denver, Colorado, his many friends will regret to hear, has been singularly unfortunate.  A part of his stock of drugs that remained unsold, together with a large lot of household furniture and other personal property, were packed and shipped to Denver by the way of St. Louis on the steamer Montana.  At Louisville the boat got on the falls which required the removal of a part of her cargo.  When the boat reached St. Louis protest was entered, and when the salvage claims were settled Mr. Blatterman was obliged to pay one hundred dollars as his share.  The goods were re-shipped at St. Louis on the steamer Joseph Kinney, and on the 13th inst., the boat was sunk by colliding with the Glasgow bridge while on her way up the Missouri River.  All of Mr. Blatterman’s property went down with her and is lost.  In the lot was a fine piano, all of his household furniture, a lot of silverware and other valuable articles.  There was an insurance of $1,500 on the property lost which is about one-third of its value.

This calamity must have made the family reconsider the move – George and Eleanor remained in Mason County until the death of Eleanor.  George lived there until a few years before his death when he lived with his daughter in West Virginia.

The Evening Bulletin, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky

Thursday, September 25, 1884

Mr. Frank R. Phister, who has arranged to sell his book and stationery business to Mr. George W. Blatterman, has decided to remove to Chicago.  By his departure Maysville will lose one of her most enterprising and correct men of business, and most respected young citizens.  His friends wish him unbounded success.

George W. Blatterman must have decided to take one more venture into business, perhaps to recoup the loss of two years previous.

The Evening Bulletin, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky

Monday, April 8, 1889

The contest for the county offices promises to be warm all around.  Mr. George W. Blatterman announces in this issue that he is a candidate for County Superintendent of Public Schools.  This is the second announcement for that office.  Mr. Blatterman is one of Maysville’s most esteemed citizens, having been engaged in business here most of his life.  It is the first time he has asked his party for any office.  He and his many friends will see that his claims are duly presented.

                George held this position for many years.

The Evening Bulletin, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky

Tuesday, November 22, 1898

Mr. J. Baron Blatterman, of this city, and Miss Anne Escott will marry December 8th, at the home of the bride’s sister, Mrs. McDonald, near Orlando, Florida.  Miss Escott was raised in Louisville, but has recently made her home with her sister, Mrs. McDonald.  After the wedding journey Mr. and Mrs. Blatterman will come to Maysville to reside with Mr. and Mrs. George W. Blatterman, of West Fourth Street.

The Courier Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Saturday, July 6, 1901

Death of a Good Woman

The Wife of County Superintendent Blatterman, of Maysville

The Maysville Bulletin of July 1 publishes the following notice of the death of Mrs. George W. Blatterman, of that city, a lady well known and everywhere honored and respected.  The Bulletin says:

“Mrs. Eleanor Orr Blatterman, wife of Mr. George W. Blatterman, County Superintendent of Schools, died Sunday night, June 30, after an illness of two weeks of pleurisy.

“In the death of this good woman the family is bereft of a loving wife and a sainted mother, the community of a noble Christian character and her church of one of its oldest and most devout members.  Her long years were marked by her devotion to her loved ones and to her church.

“Mrs. Blatterman was a daughter of the late Judge Lewis Collins and was born February 18, 1826.  Her mother was Mary E. Peers, a daughter of Major Valentine Peers.  Her father was author of the History of Kentucky, editor and publisher of the Maysville Eagle for a number of years, was Judge of the Mason County Court and was an elder of the Presbyterian church and Superintendent of the Sunday school for over forty years.  Mrs. Blatterman was married to Mr. Blatterman October 24, 1843, and the venerable couple were spared to celebrate the fifty-seventh anniversary of their union.  Mr. Blatterman survives with the following children:  L. C. Blatterman, Mrs. William Wormald, of this city; Mrs. Walter B. Brooks, of Greensboro, N.C.; G. W. Blatterman, Jr., of St. Louis; Miss Katie K. Blatterman, of this city, and Mr. J. Baron Blatterman, of Atlanta.

“She leaves one brother, Capt. Val P. Collins, of Covington, and two sisters, Mrs. James C. Owens, of this city, and Mrs. Ross, of Covington.  Mrs. Blatterman’s long life was spent in this city, where she was held in universal esteem.

The Lexington Leader, Lexington, Fayetter County, Kentucky

Wednesday, January 1, 1902

L. C. Blatterman

Maysville, Kentucky, January 1. – L. C. Blatterman, aged 56 years and single, died suddenly this morning of heart failure.  He was secretary of Maysville Chapter F. & A. M. and secretary of Maysville Commandery of Knights Templars, and well known throughout the State.

                Son of George and Eleanor.

The Evening Bulletin, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky

Monday, August 18, 1902

Employed by Thomas Jefferson

Was the Father of Mr. G. W. Blatterman to Teach in the University of Virginia

Mr. George Blatterman, a highly respected retired citizen of Maysville, Kentucky, was at the Grand yesterday.  He is eighty-three years of age, with a ruddy face, clear, strong voice and would pass anywhere for seventy.  He has been the organist in the Presbyterian Church at Maysville for sixty-five consecutive years.

“I came to Charlottesville, Virginia, with my father and his family when a small boy,” remarked Mr. Blatterman, “in 1824.  My father was the first Professor of Modern Languages and Literature in the University of Virginia employed by Thomas Jefferson, who was at our house every day, and whom I remember distinctly as a tall, red-haired man.  We came over from England in six weeks, which was a considerable voyage.  The ship in which three other professors employed by Mr. Jefferson sailed, was cast away and did not land in this country for six months, and everybody most thought it was lost.  Mr. Jefferson delayed the opening of the university for six months, until the arrival of the three professors on the long-delayed ship.  I came to Maysville, Kentucky, in 1841.”

From information in this article that says George W. Blatterman ‘came to Charlottesville, Virginia, with my father and his family.’  Since this was the first notice of family, I thought it was written strangely – why not ‘with my father and family.’  But the obituary for George W Blatterman, later in this post, reads ‘Losing his parents in infancy, he was adopted by his aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth Blatterman.’  George was born a Clements and became a Blatterman after adoption.

In an online article on the University of Virginia website, Jefferson was given much grief over bringing in foreigners as professors, ‘they are all infected with Episcopal and Presbyterian Creeds.’  George Blaettermann was a German by birth but lived in England.

The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Thursday, May 5, 1904

Mrs. George W. Blatterman Severely Injured

With Her Husband She Was Thrown From An Automobile In St. Louis

St. Louis, Mo., May 4 – Col. And Mrs. George W. Blatterman, late of Maysville, Kentucky, while driving in a runabout narrowly escaped death in a collision with an automobile at Twenty-First and Chestnut Streets.  Col. Blatterman was thrown under the horse’s hoofs.  Mrs. Blatterman was hurled to the curbing, a distance of ten feet.  She struck the pavement with a frightful force and but for heavy clothing serving as a protection her back would have been broken.  The automobile was driven by a woman.  The chauffeur who accompanied her was teaching her how to operate the machine.  Col. Blatterman was formerly prominent in Kentucky politics, and is a personal friend of Gov. Beckham.  He prevented the police from arresting the chauffeur.

                Son of George and Eleanor.

The Public Ledger, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky

Tuesday, November 9, 1909

Mr. [George] Walter Blatterman

Mr. Walter Blatterman, a former well known Maysville man and second son of the venerable George W. Blatterman, now residing at Charleston, West Virginia, died at St. Louis Sunday.  His remains will arrive here tomorrow, and the interment will take place in the Blatterman lot in the Maysville Cemetery.

Walter Blatterman was one of the handsomest men Maysville ever produced, and he was very popular and had scores of friends.  He was twice married.

One son, Mr. Shelby Michell Blatterman, of this city, survives him, besides his venerable father, one brother, Baron Blatterman of Atlanta: three sisters, Mrs. Walter Brooks of Charleston, Miss Katie of Atlanta and Mrs. Wormald of New Port.

                Son of George and Eleanor.

The Public Ledger, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky

Monday, March 25, 1912

George W. Blatterman

Beloved, Honored and Cultured Gentleman Passes Away at Charleston, W. Va.

Mr. George W. Blatterman died at the home of his son-in-law, Mr. Walter Brooks, at Charleston, West Virginia, yesterday morning in his 92nd year.

He was born in London, England August 1820.  Losing his parents in infancy, he was adopted by his aunt, Mrs. Elizabeth Blatterman and was brought to this country by her when he was only 4 years old.  She located in Virginia, where he spent his youth and his early instructions were received from his aunt, who was a cultured lady in music, and otherwise highly educated.  He finished his education in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The greater part of his long life was spent in this (Maysville) community.

He united with the First Presbyterian Church March 18th, 1841.  In 1839 an effort was made to procure an organ, which did not succeed until a few years later, when Mr. Blatterman, with the assistance of the ladies, raised the funds to purchase same.  He was organist, serving without pay, and Deacon and Elder in the church.

When the church divided, he identified himself with the Southern Church.  It was also entirely through the efforts and of his devoted wife that the Central Presbyterian Church had an organ.

For many years he gave his services as organist and was an Elder up to the day of his death.

Mr. Blatterman was Superintendent of the Sunday-school for years.

For a number of years, he had a book and stationery store in Maysville and was later engaged in the drug business.  He was one of the organizers of the paraffine works in connection with the Union Coal and Oil Company, was a charter member and director in the first building association organized in Maysville and a director and Secretary of the Maysville Cemetery Company; also, for years Secretary of the Maysville and Lexington Turnpike Company and was Superintendent of Public Schools for Mason County.  He was efficient and loyal in every position; a dignified, cultured, Christian gentleman, a true husband, loving father and faithful friend.  He married Miss Eleanor Collins, daughter of Judge Lewis Collins, whom God called hence several years ago.

His surviving children are Mr. Baron Blatterman and Miss Katie Blatterman of Atlanta, Georgia, Mrs. William Wormald of Newport, Kentucky, and Mrs. Walter Brooks of Charlestown, West Virginia.

His two other sons, L. Collins Blatterman and Walter Blatterman, have passed away several years ago.  Mr. Shelby Blatterman of this city is a grandson and Mr. Ross C. Owens and Miss Maria Owens are nephew and niece of the deceased.

The Lexington-Herald, Lexington Fayette County, Kentucky

Saturday, February 15, 1930

Mrs. Mary B. Brooks

Maysville, Kentucky, February 14 – Mrs. Mary Blatterman Brooks, 80, a former resident of Maysville, died Wednesday, February 12 at her home in Charleston, West Virginia.  Mrs. Brooks was struck by an automobile Sunday as she was leaving the Presbyterian church.  She was the widow of Walter Brooks and was a cousin of Ross C. Owens, of this city.

Mrs. Brooks is survived by two sons, George B. and Walter Brooks, of Charleston, West Virginia.  She spent the greater part of her life at her home here.

                Daughter of George and Eleanor.

The Times, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana

Sunday, March 28, 1937

Joseph Baron Blatterman

Services for Joseph Baron Blatterman, 74, who died at 4:30 p.m. Friday, in a local sanitarium, were held Saturday afternoon in the family residence at 210 Kings Highway.  Burial was in Forest Park Cemetery under direction of Osborn funeral home.

Officiating at the final rites were the Rev. Wade H. Boggs, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, and the Rev. James M. Owens, rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.

Pallbearers were C. G. Rives, J. T. Wurtsbaugh, E. O. Gayle, John Jenkins, Roger Wheless, Dr. Pierce Cline, B. D. Battle and Dr. H. L. Green.

Mr. Blatterman, who was one of Shreveport’s best-known citizens, is survived by his widow, the former Miss Anne Halderman Escott of Louisville, Kentucky; a son B. E. Blatterman, Monroe; a daughter Eleanor Blatterman, Shreveport; a sister Kate Blatterman, Concord, N. H.; a granddaughter Lila B. Blatterman, and seven nephews and nieces.

Mr. Blatterman was born at Maysville, Kentucky.  He came to Shreve port in 1910 as sales agent for the National Cash Register company.  He retired in 1931.  Prior to moving to Shreveport, he was connected with Proctor and Gamble company at Atlanta, George, for 10 years.

He was a member of the First Presbyterian church and on its board of trustees.  He was among the charter members of Shreveport Rotary club and had an important in organizing the Young Men’s Christian association, of which he was a past president.  He was a 32nd degree Mason.

                Son of George and Eleanor.

I found nothing about the deaths of Kate Blatterman.  She died in 1948 and is buried in Maysville Cemetery with her family.  I found no obituary for Fanny Blatterman.  She is also buried with her family in Maysville Cemetery.

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