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Sunday our daughter Kate married the love of her life, Todd Sizemore.  They are so in love with each other!  I think it appropriate to share not only their wedding photo, but others in the family in recent years.


Ritchey and myself at our wedding 32 years ago.


My parents, James Philip Hill and Catherine Lyons Carrico, on their wedding day 58 years ago.

Rex & Vivian wedding picture 2

Ritchey’s parents, Rex Edwin Brown and Vivian Eleanora Ritchey, on their wedding day 70 years ago.

carrico mont wed

My maternal grandparents, Joseph Reuben Carrico and Mary Alice Montgomery, on their wedding day 94 years ago.

George and Caroline Klein on their Wedding Day

George and Caroline Klein on their Wedding Day

Ritchey’s great-grandparents, George Klein and Caroline Jungbluth, on their wedding day 133 years ago.

Lifetimes of happy couples living their lives together – through good times and bad – leaving lines of descendants to do the same.  Kate and Todd are anxious to start a family and begin their family tree!


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  1. Congratulations on your daughter’s marriage. Thank you f2f or sharing the pictures, it was AWESOME to see my great, great, grandparents (Carrico, Montgomery) in the photo’s. I have often wondered what some of the family has looked like. Again Thank you for sharing!

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