Today In Genealogy History – December 6, 2011

Lucinda J. Walker and George F. Ritchey were married 168 years ago – December 6, 1843 – in Schuyler County, Illinois.  George was the son of James Ritchey and Susannah Sawyer, of Montgomery County, Ohio.  Lucinda and George had 7 children:  John Henry, George Franklin, William Green, Charles, Susannah, Jacob and Mary Ritchey.

Samuel L. Curry, Biography

from Mercer County, Kentucky – Biographies

Samuel L. Curry was born April 9, 1858, in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, and was the third of three sons and two daughters born to James A. and Elizabeth (Lewis) Curry.  James A. Curry was born in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, January 23, 1829.  He attended the schools of the town, but is principally self-educated.  He learned the tailor’s trade, but in 1855 entered the drug business at Harrodsburg.  In 1878 he located in Danville, Kentucky, and in 1883 he moved to Lexington, Kentucky, to become a member of the wholesale grocery firm of Curry, Howard and Murray.  He is a son of James Curry, who was born in Mercer County, Kentucky, March 25, 1797, and was a carpenter by trade.  He married Catherine Stagg, and to them were born and reared five sons and one daughter.  He was a soldier of 1812, and participated in the battle of New Orleans; his parents came from Virginia, and were among the early settlers of Mercer County.  He died at his work-bench, plane in hand, December 22, 1877.  Catherine Stagg was born in Pennsylvania, October 10, 1794; died at Harrodsburg, Kentucky, November 23, 1871.  The mother of Samuel L. was a daughter of Thomas P. and Arethusa (Yantis) Lewis, natives of Kentucky, and parents of three children, all daughters.  Samuel L. Curry was reared in Harrodsburg, educated at Centre College, Danville, graduated in the class of 1878 as A. B.  He was immediately taken into the firm of J. A. Curry and Sons, and continued in the drug business until the dissolution of the firm in January, 1883.  From Danville he went to Louisville, Kentucky, and, as a member of the firm of Curry and Dearing, engaged in the book and stationery business.  His health failing he sold his interest in March, 1885, and a short while thereafter accepted a position with Curry, Howard and Murray, at Lexington, which he held until his death July 7, 1886.  His life was one of singular purity; his every action directed by the nicest sense of honor.  His death was peculiarly distressing.  Overcome with heat while bathing, he went down within a few feet of his brother, who thought him only diving, and his body was not recovered until after two hours of diligent search.

Today In Genealogy History – December 5, 2011

Elizabeth Jane Linton and Basil Green were married 167 years ago – December 5, 1844 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  Elizabeth was the daughter of William Linton and Elizabeth Lyon Moran.  Basil was the son of Francis Green and Mary Bowles.  Basil and Elizabeth had 8 children:  William F., Elizabeth Jane, John H., George Mason, Susan Mary, Charles B., Julia F. and Martha J. Green.

Nathaniel Carrico Gravestone

Nathanial Carrico, my great-great-great-grandfather, was the son of Bartholomew Carrico and Winefride Paget.  He was born in Charles County, Maryland, in 1782.  The family was part of the Maryland to Kentucky movement around the end of the 18th century.  Nathaniel married Anne O’Bryan in Washington County, Kentucky, January 6, 1810.  They had one child, Pius M. Carrico.  Anne died a few years later, and November 1, 1817, he married Anne Mattingly.  Nathaniel Carrico died July 5, 1854, in Washington County, and was buried in St. Rose Catholic Church Cemetery – just outside the front doors of the church, to the left.  As per the above picture, which was taken in September of 1999, the stone had sunk so much you could not read any dates.  Unfortunately I can no longer find this stone.  I’m very thankful to have this photo.

Today In Genealogy History – December 4, 2011

Laura Frances Montgomery was born 114 years ago – December 4, 1897 – in Washington County, Kentucky.  Laura was the daughter of Robert E. Lee Montgomery and Frances Barber Linton.  Unfortunately, Laura died at the young age of 15 of tuberculosis.  Her brothers and sisters were Mary Alice, Anna Margaret, Lillian Catherine, Robert Lee, Edward Linton and Benjamin Montgomery.

Mercer County, Kentucky, Marriage Bonds

Mercer County, Kentucky, Marriage Bonds

  • Daniel, John and Biddy Sparrow married March 2, 1790
  • Daniel, Nathaniel and Susannah Eberley married December 11, 1802
  • Daniel, William and Susanna Burton married September 19, 1810
  • Darnall, Smith and Elizabeth Travis married August 30, 1786
  • Daugherty, John and Dorcas Evans married May 30, 1808
  • Daugherty, Samuel and Chloe Latimar married September 29, 1795, bride’s father Samuel Latimar
  • Davenport, Richard and Elizabeth Tadlock married January 21, 1798, bride’s father John Tadlock
  • Davis, Amos and Dicey Evans married April 2, 1810
  • Davis, Charles and Catherine Tethero married January 19, 1795
  • Davis, George and Elizabeth Sparrow married Jun 27, 1805
  • Davis, George and Sally Bilbo married December 31, 1808
  • Davis, James and Elizabeth Sanders married September 20, 1791, bride’s parents John and Susanna Sanders
  • Davis, James and Sally Boucher married October 21, 1796
  • Davis, Jesse and Polly Hayes married September 4, 1809
  • Davis, John and Catherine Bice married March 12, 1798, bride’s father Dennis Bice
  • Davis, John and Fanny Swift married January 14, 1794, bride’s father James Swift
  • Davis, John and Mary Fisher married April 23, 1787
  • Davis, Mark and Susanna Johnston married July 8, 1801
  • Davis, Richard and Jane Fulkerson married August 26, 1802, bride’s father John Fulkerson
  • Davis, Robert and  Ann Troy married September 13, 1796
  • Davis, Robert and Elizabeth Davis married January 24, 1787, bride’s parents William and Mary Davis
  • Davis, Robert and Polly Robards married December 27, 1797, bride’s father William Robards
  • Davis, Samuel and Dolly Gaines married January 4, 1790, bride’s father William Gaines
  • Davis, Samuel and Elizabeth Mayhall married September 22, 1791, bride’s father William Mayhall
  • Davis, Samuel and Hannah McAfee married September 27, 1810, bride’s mother Hannah McAfee
  • Davis, Sirus and Sally Davis married June 21, 1797, bride’s father Geffrey Davis
  • Davis, Solomon and Isabelle Doke married April 19, 1803, bride’s father John Doke
  • Davis, Stephen and Betsy Moore married October 30, 1809
  • Davis, Theodore and Aley Huggins married December 21, 1794, groom’s father James Davis
  • Davis, Thomas T. and Eliza Robards married May 29, 1792, bride’s father William Robards
  • Davison, Thomas and Susa Butler married December 27, 1791
  • Day, Edmund and Ann Hamner married October 6, 1802
  • Day, Valentine and Elizabeth Adams married July 31, 1809
  • Dean, Job and Nancy Isbell married January 7, 1807
  • Dean, Joseph and Rachel Kinney married December 22, 1807
  • Dean, William and Anne Boles married June 14, 1802
  • Dean, William and Ann Kelly married March 28, 1796
  • Deavenport, John and Joanna Crutchfield married April 18, 1800
  • Debaun, Joseph and Sarah Waperson married November 27, 1788
  • Debond, George and Priscilla Robertson married October 27, 1809, bride’s parents John and Ann Robertson
  • Debond, Samuel and Polly Divine married March 8, 1800
  • Decker, Caleb and Margaret Boothe married December 15, 1804
  • Decker, Ezekiel and Esther Booth married August 29, 1805, groom’s father William Decker, bride’s father William Booth, Sr.
  • Decker, John and Jenny Arnett married June 7, 1806
  • Decker, John and Rachel Tolly married June 16, 1806, bride’s father William Tolly
  • Demaree, Cornelius and Polly Vanarsdell married September 22, 1808, bride’s mother Ally Vanarsdell
  • Demaree, Daniel and Sity Vanderveer married April 7, 1807, groom’s father Cornelius Demaree
  • Demeree, David and Rachel Brunner married March 7, 1791, bride’s father Peter Brunner
  • Demaree, James and Nancy Clemmons Blanton married December 28, 1795
  • Demaree, Samuel and Mary Cozine married January 10, 1788
  • Demaree, Samuel R. and Nancy McCormack married March 22, 1806

Today In Genealogy History – December 3, 2011

Hezekiah Mudd was born 186 years ago – December 3, 1825 – in Nelson County, Kentucky, the son of Horatio Mudd and Martha Linton.  Hezekiah married Mary Elizabeth Mudd in Washington County, Kentucky.   They moved to Lincoln County, Missouri, after the birth of their first child.  Hezekiah and Mary had 8 children:  Raymond, Martha J., Nicholas, Matilda, Mary, Thomas, Arthur and Elizabeth Mudd.