Todd Family Buried at the Lexington Cemetery


Many members of the Robert Smith Todd family are buried at the Lexington Cemetery. Robert is well known as the father of Mary Todd, who married Abraham Lincoln, and became first lady during one of the most trying times in our country’s history. But even without this illustrious branch of the family tree the Todd family was prominent in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky. Robert’s father, Levi Todd, helped found the city of Lexington, and was a prominent land owner in the state. Levi Todd was born October 4, 1756 and died September 6, 1807. He married first Jane Briggs and secondly Jane Holmes, the first being the mother of Robert Todd. Levi was the son of David Todd and Hannah Owen, from Louisa County, Virginia, coming with his family to Kentucky in 1775.


David Todd, born April 8, 1723, died February 8, 1785, Grandfather of Robert Smith Todd


Hannah Owen, wife of David Todd, born June 3, 1729, died may 16, 1805, Grandmother of RST


General Levi Todd, born October 4, 1756, died September 6, 1807, father of RST


Jane Briggs, wife of General Levi Todd, born June 3, 1761, died July 22, 1800, mother of RSTIMG_1550_1

Elizabeth L. Todd, died February 16, 1874, 2nd wife of RST

Robert Todd married Eliza Parker in November of 1812. Together they had seven children before Elizabeth’s death in 1825. Robert married again, to Elizabeth “Betsy” Humphreys. His children never warmed to their new step-mother. Robert and his second wife had nine children, so the Todd house was overflowing. In 1832 Robert Todd purchased a home on Main Street in Lexington, now known as the Mary Todd Lincoln House which is open to the public.

Children of Robert Smith Todd and Elizabeth Parker

  • Mary Ann Todd
  • Levi Owen Todd
  • Elizabeth Porter Todd
  • Frances Todd
  • Ann Todd
  • Robert Parker Todd
  • George Rogers Clark Todd

Children of Robert Smith Todd and Elizabeth Humphreys

  • Margaret Todd
  • Samuel B. Todd
  • David H. Todd
  • Martha Todd
  • Emilie Todd
  • Alexander H. Todd
  • Elodie Todd
  • Katherine Todd
  • Robert Smith Todd


In Memory of My Boys – Samuel B. Todd, David H. Todd, Alexander H. Todd, all Confederate Soldiers – sons of RST and Elizabeth Humphreys

It is well known that while Mary Todd Lincoln’s husband was the President and leader of the Union forces during the Civil War, her brothers fought for the South.


Martha, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth L. Todd, of Lexington, Kentucky, and wife of C. B. White, of Selma, Missouri, born June 9, 1833, died July 9, 1868


Emilie, daughter of R. S. and E. L. Todd, and wife of General Ben Hardin Helm, born November 11, 1836, died February 20, 1930


Katherine, daughter of General Ben Hardin Helm and Emilie Todd, Granddaughter of RST, born September 2, 1857, died June 18, 1937


Elodie, daughter of General Ben Hardin Helm and Emilie Todd, wife of Waller H. Lewis, Granddaughter of RST, born March 7, 1859, died June 12, 1953


Ben Hardin Helm, son of General Ben Hardin Helm and Emilie Todd, Grandson of RST, born May 16, 1862, died May 28, 1946

Last year I read Mary Todd Lincoln, A Biography by Jean H. Baker. A fascinating book, it gives greater insight Mary Todd as a privileged daughter of pioneer Kentuckians, and Mary Lincoln on the world stage as wife of the one of the most important men in history.

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  1. I visited the Todd family plot 2009 for my first time, it is a strange feeling to stand at the graves of my confederate kin for the first time! I said to Emily I finally got here. so they called you the rebel in the white House. I wish I had known you! their distant cousin, Eddy H.

  2. I have ancestors with the last name Todd. I am not sure but they may have been slaves to Mary Todd Lincoln’s family. I traced my ancestors from England to Kentucky. I was very overwhelmed by what I had found. However, I can’t be positive that this is true, and I just want to somehow make the connection if this is true so that I can complete my family history. Any help you may be willing to share would be truly great full.

    With God’s Graces,

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