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Robert E. Lee Montgomery and Family

This is a picture of my great-grandparents and their family in Washington County, Kentucky.  It has the date of 1910-1913 written on the back.  However, I can date this to 1913.  Daughter Laura Frances died of tuberculosis December 11, 1912.  Since the other family members are in the picture, and she isn’t, I feel certain about the date.

Robert E. Lee Montgomery, my great-grandfather, was born September 15, 1865, the son of William Peter Montgomery and Martha Ann Carrico.  He married Frances Barber Linton, February 7, 1893.   Frances was the daughter of Edward Edwards Linton and Catherine Elizabeth Taylor.  She was born August 13, 1867.

My grandmother, Mary Alice, seated on the right side of the photo, was born December 8, 1893.  Her sister, Anna Margaret (Aunt Maggie), seated next to her was born September 18, 1895.  And beside Maggie is Lillian Catherine (Aunt Lilly – for whom my mom was named), born March 11, 1900.  Laura Frances was born December 4, 1897.  If you will click on the photo to enlarge it, and click once again, you can see the detail in the girls dresses.  Changing fashions throughout the years fascinate me!  And, especially in the older photos, it can help date the picture!

The boys standing with their horses are Robert Lee, in the middle of the picture, born August 17, 1903.  And Edward Linton, on the left side, May 17, 1905.

My mother spent many happy days in this house – you can read some of her memories from an earlier post.  How I wish I could have known my great-grandparents!  But, through pictures and mom and grandmother’s remembrances I feel I do!

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  1. Love this as I love all your facts and stories. This is also part of my Montgomery Family as I know One of the Montgomery’s married a Carrico in my family tree on ancestry.You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful picture to share. I want to say it was Peter Carrico just off the top of my head.

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