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1920’s Wedding Photograph – Seeing Her Ankles, Oh My!

I haven’t shared a wedding photo in quite some time.  To tell you the truth, they are hard to come by.  When I first starting buying old photographs I found them in any antique shop.  I haven’t found a wedding photo in several years.

I love this one!  It is a roaring twenties wedding – the bride wearing a shorter dress style, showing those ankles and making her wedding her own.  Can’t say I really like the headdress, but this was all the rage at the time.  Bouquets were huge, with more greenery than flowers generally speaking.

Grooms usually wore a coat and tails, stiffly starched shirt and white tie.

I hope this couple was very happy.  The photo I have is an 8 x 10.  There is no photographer’s name.

The Same Woman?

I have two photos to share with you today.  Our first is a photo postcard.

On back is an area for a name and address and a message, much like the postcards of today.  Notice the area for the stamp.  There are the letters AZO on all four sides with upward pointed triangles in each corner – this dates the postcard to 1904-1918.

How does the date correspond to the dress of the woman?  During the early days of the twentieth century women were still very modest in their dress, from the floor-length gowns of the first days to a slight hike in hemlines by 1918.  But a knee length dress?  And short sleeves?  Perhaps this woman was an actress or singer?

Also notice the name of the photo studio printed on the side – the first time I’ve seen a name on a photo postcard.  Astoria Photo Studio, 32 Flushing Avenue, Astoria, Long Island.  I could find nothing on the studio.  Online I did find that Flushing Avenue is now known as Astoria Boulevard.

Our second photo was perhaps taken a little earlier.  I think both women look very similar – could this be the same person?  In the first photo she would be a little plumper.  Probably not the same, but interesting.  Here again is a much shorter dress – in an earlier time period.  I would date this photo to 1900.  She strikes an interesting pose!

This photo is on a very stiff card, with no information on back.

Always interesting to look back at old photos.



Working In The Fields

I’m so excited to share this photo with you!  A true agricultural experience that may bring back memories to many of you.  This farmer and worker looks to be standing in a tobacco or hay wagon.  The dappled grey horses are beautiful.  Are there shocks of corn in the background?

We have names on the back.  ‘Dad standing, San next to Dad, Elmer and Vern.’  This photo was taken in 1938 by Schupp Photography in Mountain Grove, Missouri.

1883 Photograph – Katie Schwartz Lynch

What a beautiful woman – and we know her name!  Let me introduce you to Katie Schwartz.  This Nashville, Tennessee, photo was taken in 1883, as written on back.  It is a little bit daring since her sleeves are very short – quite unusual for a photograph taken in 1883 to show so much arm.

With a little research I’ve found that Katie was born July 3, 1859, to Abraham Schwartz, who born in Germany, and Jane Earhardt, born in Tennessee.  In 1887, four yeas after this photo, Katie married Augustus Lynch.  According to the 1900 census of Davidson County, Nashville, Tennessee, Augustus was 31, a bartender.  Kate was 40, had 2 children, both living, William S., 11, and Nannie R., 7.  Katie lived to the grand age of 88 years.  She died June 28, 1948.

The photo was taken by Thuss, Koellein and Giers, located at No. 139 Union Street, Nashville, Tennessee.


Happy Wedding Day!!

Today I am happy to share this wedding photo.  The bride wears a lovely matching skirt and bolero jacket, with a white silk blouse with lace at the collars and cuff.  A sprig of flowers, similar to what the groom wears, is pinned to her blouse.  She has a very tiny waist!

Our groom sports a watch chain, and a tie with a very large knot.

The information about the photographer was trimmed, perhaps to fit this photo in an album or frame.  I would date this photo to the early 1890’s due to the groom’s tie and the sleeves of the bride’s jacket.  Lacy panels make a nice backdrop.

Two Sweet Little Girls

Look at these two sweeties!  I love their little dresses with lace collars.  And the little boots!  Not sure why, but children’s boots are so cute.  I suppose because they are so tiny.

This photo was taken by Simpson, Boston Gallery, 94 1/2 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, Indiana.  This photo is rather easy to date since the back of the card has a full design imprint – I would say 1890.  Simplicity was the rule of the day for the mid and late 1890’s, with less being more.