Old Photos

Four Delightful Children’s Photos 1885-1910

What could be more sweet than a little babe?  This little one was named Norma Drew, and unfortunately died at the age of two years according to information on back of the photo.  I could find nothing about Gregg Photography, but they were located in Geneva, Indiana.

Next we have this handsome lad, dressed in the 1890-1900 fashions.  His coat with the belt running through loops is one I haven’t seen before.  Such a serious look on his face.  Photo was taken by Dewey Photography in Los Angeles, California, 41 S. Main Street.

Next we have a sweet photo of mother and daughter.  Notice the girl’s arm around her mother’s neck.  ‘Laura’ is written on back.  Photo was taken by T. E. Wood, 134 S. Burdick St., Kalamazoo, Michigan.  The date 1889 is stamped on the card and photo was probably taken then or within a year or two.

Our last photo is of a beautiful young girl of 13 (written on back, no name), who must be celebrating a milestone.  Her white dress is quite beautiful and the rose on the right shoulder adds a festive look.  This photo was also taken in Kalamazoo, Michigan, by Chandler Photography.  Since this is not a cabinet card like the other three photos, my best guess would be it was taken 1900-1910.


Any thoughts?

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