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Elmina Caroline Phillips McIntosh Story in Country Magazine of Barrington Illinois

A reader, David Rutter, found my post and photo of Elmina Caroline Phillips McIntosh very interesting, and wanted to write an article about her.  Elmina was the wife of Millius Benjamin McIntosh, who became the first mayor of Barrington, Illinois.  David’s theme was the forgotten women in our pioneer history, women who played just as a big a part in that history as their husbands.  Aren’t we always trying to find those lost women and bring them back to the forefront?  He asked to use the photo for the magazine article.  Earlier I had sent the photo to one of Elmina’s descendants, but they generously agreed to send the photo to  David to use with his article.  He did a splendid job.  You can find his article at this link.  The original blog here.

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