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1800-1801 Marriage Returns By Rev. Thomas Hill – Pulaski County

Friday, since it was so hot and humid, instead of a cemetery Ritchey and I chose to visit two courthouses – Casey County in Liberty, and Pulaski County in Somerset.  Casey County’s courthouse was old and beautifully built in 1888.  Pulaski County boasts a new courthouse built in 1975.

I share a page of marriage returns by Rev.Thomas Hill, dated 1800-1801.  I don’t believe these are original records.  The handwriting throughout is the same and doesn’t look like it was written in 1800.  Perhaps the originals were in such bad shape they decided to write down the information.  I’m just happy we have this.  Many of the early marriage bonds were lost, some pages looked like they were nibbled by mice – and these were dated in the 1880’s.

Later more information on the two courthouses we visited.

Pulaski County

I hereby certify that

  • on the 30th day of December 1800, I joined together Barnard Housman and Elizabeth Couchran
  • on the 19th day of February 1801, Charles Walker and Matilda Stephens, likewise John Taylor and Sally Harmon
  • on the 9th day of April 1801, John Wolverton and Anna Hanks
  • on the 21st day of August 1801, John Blackridge and Minah Newby
  • on the 6th day of October 1801, John Eastham and Polly Dunham
  • on the 7th day of October 1801, John Cooper and Polly McCown and also John Macninth and Patsy Cooper
  • on the 19th day of August 1801, Abner McWhorter and Polly Spencer
  • on the 17th day of December 1801, Amos Spencer and Polly Meek
  • on the 19th day of January 1801, William Allen and Polly Burns
  • on the 23rd day of February 1801, Thomas Jarvis and Nancy Ingram
  • on the 5th day of March 1801, Thomas Scott and Elizabeth Jones

Thomas Hill

The foregoing lists of marriage was returned to my office as Clerk of the Pulaski County Court by the Reverend Thomas Hill and the same has been duly recorded in my office.

Att. Will Fox, C.P.

Mercer County Marriage Bonds

Mercer County, Kentucky, Marriage bonds ‘L’

Lacefield, Charnole and Lydia Odell, August 16, 1809, groom’s father, Benjamin Lacefield.

Lacewell, John and Dicey Smith, July 11, 1798, bride’s father, William Smith.

Lafferty, John and Mary Freeman, December 2, 1805.

Lamb, Daniel and Eleanor Johnson, November 30, 1803, bride’s mother, Eleanor Bennet.

Lambert, Courtland and Susanna Nichum, November 9, 1795, groom’s father Jonathan Lambert.

Lambert, Jack and Levina Debond, April 10, 1792.

Lambert, Moses and Nancy McGraw, September 26, 1803, bride’s father, John McGraw.

Lamme, Jesse and Jenny Tilford, February 3, 1800, bride’s father, James Tilford.

Landsbye, James and Ruth Moulton, March 9, 1795, bride’s parents, John and Ruth Moulton.

Latimore, John and Peggy Prewitt, May 30, 1803, bride’s father, Isham Prewitt.

Latimore, John and Tabitha Brumfield, April 23, 1798.

Latimore, Jacob and Sarah Brumfield, June 30, 1791, bride’s father, Robert Brumfield.

Lawlar, James and Nancy Lee, July 12, 1790.

Lawrence, David and Judea McKinney, March 19, 1793, bride’s father, Charles McKinney.

Lawrence, Joseph and Sarah Hall, July 13, 1793.

Laws, Jeremiah and Susanna Bailey, August 23, 1805.

Lawson, William and Elizabeth Atkisson, March 22, 1797, bride’s father, Absolom Atkisson.

Lear, George and Rebecca Garrett, November 22, 1786, bride’s mother, Mary Garrett.

Lear, Matthias and Elizabeth Allen, September 19, 1793, bride’s mother, Eliza Beth Allen.

League, Richard and Eleanor Robards, August 6, 1804.

Lee, John and Elizabeth Mitchell, October 16, 1798, bride’s father, Robert Mitchell.

Lee, Richard and Anne Chatham, January 3, 1801.

Lee, Richard and Selah Settles, September 25, 1798.

Lee, Samuel and Olive Willis, July 14, 1798, bride’s father, Joseph Willis.

Lee, William and Jean Mitchell, February 11, 1792, bride’s father, Robert Mitchell.

Leonard, David and Mary Thompson, November 27, 1810.

Lester, Jesse and Sally Martin, March 5, 1806, bride’s father, Peter Martin.

Letcher, Benjamin and Peggy Robertson, October 24, 1793, bride’s father, Alex Robertson.

Letcher, John and Elizabeth Robertson, July 25, 1790.

Letcher, Stephen G. and Sally Davis, March 2, 1797, bride’s father, Cyrus Davis.

Levy, Solomon and Dicy Steward, November 21, 1797.

Lewalling, Stephen and Peggy Pritchett, January 5, 1801.

Lewelling, John and Nancy Bottom, March 22, 1804, she was the widow of John Bottom.

Lewis, Richard and Sarah Wood, May 27, 1794, bride’s father, Isaac Wood.

Lewis, Robert and Elizabeth Sneed, January 25, 1800, bride’s guardian, William Sneed.

Lewis, Robert W. and Nancy Mosby, March 2, 1803.

Lewis, William and Sally Poore, October 9, 1792.

Lightfoot, Henry T. and Nancy Webster, November 17, 1804.

Lile, James and Milly Woodard, September 18, 1798, bride’s parents William and Sarah Woodard.

Lillard, Daniel and Sally Gates, November 25, 1801.

Lillard, Daniel and Polly Spencer, December 9, 1801, bride’s father, Joseph Spencer, groom’s guardian, John Chiles.

Lillard, Ephraim and Margaret Prather, February 16, 1795.

Lillard, James and Elizabeth Thomas, April 20, 1795, bride’s mother, Ann Lillard.

Lillard, John and Aggah Chiles, December 4, 1786, bride’s father, John Chiles.

Lillard, Thomas and Susanna Slaughter, November 22, 1791.

Little, John and Elizabeth McBride, December 8, 1787.

Lock, David and Susanna McCoy, July 4, 1793, she was the widow of Edward McCoy.

Lock, Geradis and Mary Bradley, May 13, 1795, bride’s father, Daniel Bradley.

Lock, Peter and Hannah Bradley, February 25, 1799.

Lock, William and Susanna Allspau, August 11, 1800, bride’s parents, David and Mary Allspau.

Locke, Benjamin and Rachel Knox, August 12, 1790, bride’s father, George Knox.

Lockhart, Levi and Hannah Peter, November 13, 1788, bride’s father, Richard Peter.

Logan, John and Artimetia Rochester, July 9, 1805, bride’s brother and guardian, John Rochester.

Logan, Robert and Jane Caldwell, July 13, 1789, bride’s father, Robert Caldwell.

Logan, Thomas and Sally Denton, December 30, 1805, bride’s father, James Denton.

Logsdon, Joseph and Sarah Simons, October 12, 1795, bride’s father, Joseph Simons.

Long, Abraham and Ruthy House, February 17, 1798.

Long, George and Nancy Freeman, March 2, 1790, bride’s mother Roseanor Freeman.

Long, Jacob and Jane Freeman, January 16, 1792.

Long, Jesse and Mary Rowland, May 21, 1809, bride’s father, Robert Rowland.

Long, John and Catherine Smith, December 6, 1790.

Long, William and Elizabeth Settles, January 14, 1792, bride’s father, Henry Settles.

Lowry, Joseph and Elizabeth Bingham, September 26, 1810.

Lucas, Abraham and Mary Evans, July 30, 1792.

Ludwick, Christopher and Elizabeth Collier, August 14, 1804.

Ludwick, John and Susannah French, October 3, 1804.

Lyon, James and Margaret Springate, May 16, 1796, bride’s father, William Springate.

Lyon, Samuel and Margaret Shields, October 29, 1801.

Lyons, Samuel W. and Rebecca Wilson, July 21, 1806.

Lyster, Cornelius and Letty Byce, December 7, 1794.

Lyster, Cornelius and Charity Monfort, September 1, 1795, bride’s father, Francis Monfort.