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Fielding Lewis Family


Colonel Fielding Lewis, born in Gloucester County, Virginia, July 7, 1725, and died at Fredericksburg, Virginia, January 1782, was the son of Councillor John Lewis III and Frances Fielding.  He was the second surviving son and received his mother’s maiden name for his christian name.  Fielding Lewis’ first marriage was to Catherine Washington, daughter of Major John Washington and Catherine Whiting, on September 01, 1746.  They had three children before her death less than four years later on February 19, 1750.  Son John Lewis was the only child to survive past infancy.

Colonel Lewis did not long remain a widower.  On May 7, 1750 he married Betty Washington, the only sister of George Washington, our first president.  Betty was the daughter of Augustine Washington and his second wife, Mary Ball, born June 20, 1733, in Stafford County, Virginia.  Betty Washington and Catherine Washington were first cousins.  Fielding and Betty Lewis were the parents of eleven children.  The attached document gives information on their births, deaths (if they died young) and godparents.  It must have been written by Fielding Lewis.

  • Fielding Lewis was married to Miss Catherine Washington 1746.
  • Our first son, John Lewis, was born 22nd day of June 1747.  His Uncle John Lewis and Mr. Charles Dick, Godfathers.  Mrs. Mary Washington and Mrs. Lee, Godmothers.
  • Our second, a daughter, named Frances, was born 26th November 1748.  Fielding Lewis and Mr. George Washington, Godfathers.  Miss Hannah Washington and Mrs. Jackson, Godmothers.
  • Our third, a son, Warner, born 27th November 1749.  His Uncle John Lewis and Captain Bayley Seaton, Godfathers.  Mrs. Mildred Seaton, Godmother.  He died 5th December 1749.
  • Mrs. Catherine Lewis died 19th February 1749/50.
  • I was married to Miss Betty Washington the 7th day May 1750.
  • Our first son, Fielding, was born 14th day February 1751.  His Uncle George Washington and Mr. Robert Jackson, Godfathers and his grandmother, Mrs. Mary Washington and Mrs. Frances Thornton, Godmothers.
  • Our second son, Augustine, born 22nd January 1752.  His Uncles Charles Lewis and Charles Washington, Godfathers.  His Aunt Lucy Lewis and Mrs. Mary Taliaferro, Godmothers.  Died when four years old.
  • Our third son, Warner, born 24th June 1755.  His Uncle Charles Washington and Colonel John Thornton, Godfathers.  Mrs. Mildred Thornton and Mrs. Mary Willis, Godmothers.  Died 18 months old.
  • Our fourth son, George, born 14th March 1757.  Mrs. Charles Yates and Mr. Lewis Willis, Godfathers.  Mrs. Mary Dick and his mother, Betty Lewis, Godmothers.
  • Our fifth, a daughter named Mary, born 22nd April 1759.  Mr. Samuel Washington and Mr. Lawrence Washington, Godfathers.  Mrs. Washington and Miss Mary Thornton, Godmothers.  Died 25 December following.
  • Our sixth, a son, Charles, born 3rd October 1760.  Colonel George Washington and Mr. Roger Dixon, Godfathers.  Mrs. Martha Washington and Mrs. Lucy Dixon, Godmothers.
  • Our seventh, a son named Samuel, born the 14th May 1763.  The Reverend Mr. Musgrove Dawson and Mr. Joseph Jones, Esq., Godfathers.  Mrs. Dawson and Mrs. Jones, Godmothers.
  • Our eighth, a daughter named Betty, born the 23rd February 1765.  The Reverend Mr.  Thomas Price and Mr. Warner Washington, Godfathers.  Mrs. Hannah Washington and Miss Frances Lewis, Godmothers.
  • Our ninth, a son named Lawrence, born 4th of April 1767.  Mr. Thomas Washington and Mr. Thomas Thornton, Godfathers.  Mrs. Mary Dick, Godmother.
  • Our tenth, a son named Robert, born 25th June 1769.  Col. George Washington and Mr. Peter Mayes, Godfathers.  Mrs. Mildred Willis and Miss Ann Lewis, Godmothers.
  • Our eleventh, a son named Howell, born the 12th December 1771.  Mr. Joseph Jones and Mr. James Monroe, Godfathers.  Miss Mary and Miss Molly Dick, Godmothers.

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