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Taxpayers for Lots in the Town of Springfield 1817

I thought this list was interesting – those who owned lots in the town of Springfield in the year 1817.  I do not have any relatives on the list, but am familiar with the Booker’s, Montgomery’s, Lancaster’s, McElroy’s and Rudd’s.  Do you have anyone on this list?

This article appeared in the March 19, 1936, Springfield paper.

from Pioneer History of Washington County, Kentucky, by Orval W. Baylor

A list of persons, with their improved Lots in the town of Springfield subject to Taxation for the year 1817.

Note:  In the following arrangement the person’s name comes first, then the number of tithes, number of lots and lastly the valuation of lots.

George McKay, 3 – 1 – $500; John Hurst, 1 – 2 – $800; Richard Phillips, 3; Samuel Robertson, 4 – 2 – $1200; Elias Davison, 6 – 1 – $6000; James Woods, 1; William B. Booker, 2 – 1 – $1200; Paul J. Booker, 2 – 2 – $500; William T. Phillips, 4 – 2-$4000; Hugh McElroy, 1; William H. Hays, 2 – 2 – $1500; Electius Mudd, 3 – 1 – $1200; James S. Simms, 1; Benjamin Montgomery, 1; Daniel McAllister, 1; Raphael Lancaster, 2 – 2 – $1000; Joseph B. Lancaster, 1; Daniel Thompson, 2; James Hughes, Jr., 1; George Wilson, 1; Anthony McElroy, 1; Christopher A. Rudd, 1 – 1 – $1500; Matthew Nantz, 1; Philip Barbour, 2 – 1 – $800; Jesse T. Riney, 1; John Bainbridge, 1; Nathaniel Whitehead, 1; Richard Biddle, 1; Benson Riggs, 1; John A. Montgomery, 1 – 1 – $500; Robert H. Nantz, 1; William Glasscocke, 1; Hugh Lunch, 1; John Viers, 1; Joseph Willis, 1; Charles Crossgrove, 1; James Rudd, (Teacher), 1; John Wilson, 1; Jonathan Riney, 0 – 2 – $1500; Thomas Houts, 0 – 2 – $600; John Hays, 0 – 1 – $300; Dudley Robertson, 0 – 1 – $200.

To Patrick Morgan, Collector of the Town Tax of Collection.  By Order of the Board of Trustees.  April 11th, 1817.  Attests.  John Hughes, Jr., CBT.

Nathaniel Carrico – Anne Mattingly 1817 Marriage

Scan_Pic1733Know all men by these presents, that we Nathaniel Carrico and Raphael Lancaster are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in the Just and full sum of Fifty Pounds, current money, the payment of which well and truly to be made to the said Commonwealth, we bind ourselves, our heirs, Jointly and Severally firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this 1st day of November 1817.  The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a Marriage shortly intended between the above bound Nathaniel Carrieo and Miss Anne Mattingly, ward of Benedict Carrico for which a License has issued, now if there be no lawful use to obstruct said Marriage, then the above obligation to be void else to remain in full force and virtue in Law.                                 Nathaniel Carrico, Raphael Lancaster

Witness, John Hughes, Jr.

Scan_Pic1734To the clerk of the Washington County Court, you are hereby directed to issue a license for Nathaniel Carrico to married Ann Mattingly and this shall be your warrant for the same.  Given under my hand as Guardian for the said Anne Mattingly this 1st day of November 1817.                               Benedict Carrico

Witness Raphael Lancaster, V. H. Nantz

Sworn to by Raphael Lancaster November 1st, 1817.  J. Hughes, Jr., Clerk.

Nathaniel Carrico is my 3rd great-grandfather.  His first wife was Anne O’Bryan, married January 6, 1810, in Washington County, Kentucky, with whom he had one son, Pius M. Carrico, born November 10, 1810, my 2nd great-grandfather.

Mrs. Mary J. Lancaster Spalding Biography

Kentucky Genealogy and Biography

Marion County, Kentucky

Mrs. Mary J. Lancaster Spalding is a native Kentuckian, born on the 25th of May, 1816.  She is a direct descendant of the Lancaster family of England, and her ancestors came to America about fifteen years after the Maryland colony was planted by Lord Baltimore.  At that time came John Lancaster, the great-grandfather of John Lancaster, the father of Mary J.  He and two bachelor brothers settled with the Catholic colony in Charles County, Maryland.  John married Fannie Jarnaghan, an Irish lady from near Cork.  It is said that her beauty surpassed that of any other lady in the colonies at that time.  To her and her husband were born five daughters and one son, all of whom lived to be married; one of the daughters was the grandmother of Chief Justice R. B. Taney; among them was a son named John, who married a Maryland lady.  He left two sons and six daughters.  The sons were John and Raphael; Raphael immigrated to Kentucky, married Eleanor Bradford, and with her came to Kentucky in 1785.  John, the eldest son of Raphael, was born in 1766, and at the age of eighteen also came to Kentucky; his parents, Raphael and Eleanor, came one year later.  John married Catherine Miles in 1789; she was a native of St. Mary’s County, Maryland.  John Lancaster was one of the prominent men of his day; he was highly educated, and a man of true moral worth and sterling integrity, and was a member of the Kentucky Legislature from the 1800 to 1808.  He accumulated a large property, and was considered one of the wealthiest citizens of Washington County.  He reared a family of eight sons and four daughters.  Ten of the number were living at the time of his death, which occurred in 1838.  Our subject, Mary J., and Judge W. D. Lancaster, of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, are now the only survivors.  The Lancaster family have always held the Catholic faith, and left old England by reason of the persecutions they sustained from the established church.  Mary J. Lancaster, a native of Washington County, now Marion, was married in 1839, to Richard M. Spalding.  They reared a family of five sons and four daughters, namely:  John L., bishop of the see of Peoria; Richard C., who died at the age of twenty; Catherine, the widow of Raphael Spalding; Dr. Leonard Spalding of Peoria, Illinois; Henrietta, a member of the convent of the Sacred Heart; Mary Ellen (Slevin) of Peoria, Illinois; Rev. B. J. Spalding of Peoria, Illinois; Anna E. (Putnam), and Martin John, who died at seven and one-half years of age.  The archbishop of Baltimore, Most Rev. Martin John Spalding (died in 1872) was a younger brother of Richard M. Spalding.

The grave stone of Mary J. Lancaster Spalding’s parents – John Lancaster and wife Catherine Miles, at St. Charles Catholic Church in Marion County, Kentucky.