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Major Charles Ewell – Prince William County, Virginia to McCracken County, Kentucky

Ewell Monument, Oak Grove Cemetery, McCracken County, Kentucky

Major Charles Ewell was born September 29, 1758, in Prince William County, Virginia, the son of Bertrand Ewell and Frances Kennor.  Charles was named for his paternal grandfather, who came to this country long before the revolution, with two brothers, Solomon and James.  The two brothers moved to northern states, Charles remained in Virginia.  This Charles married a Miss Bertrand, hence the name of Major Charles’ father. 

According to a statement written by Major Charles in the family Bible, ‘My father Bertrand married a Miss Kennor, who had nineteen children, myself being the eighteenth.  I married a daughter of my Uncle Solomon.  I had by her two sons, one died in infancy, the other one, named Charles, married a Miss Carter.’  Nancy Seldon Ewell was the first wife of Major Charles Ewell.  Lucy Faye Carter was the wife of the Major’s son, Charles.  Son Charles and wife Lucy had the four grandchildren listed in Major Charles Ewell’s will – Sarah Ann, Joseph Fry, Edwin Henry and Lucy Ewell.  Charles, Jr., died October 3, 1823, several years before his father.

After the death of his first wife, Nancy, Major Charles Ewell married Maria Dorcas Tucker Craik, a widow, who was born in Bermuda in 1788.  They married October 1, 1818, in Washington City.  The couple had at least six children, only two of which survived infancy – John, 1819-1890, and Maria Virginia Ewell, 1825-1852.  

John Ewell married Ann E. Taylor on April 8, 1841, in McCracken County. After her death in 1857, he married Caroline Duval on September 19, 1859.

Maria Virginia married Richard Foote Hord at Mount Air on December 12, 1844.  She and her husband moved to Henderson County, where they are buried in Fernwood Cemetery.

Charles Ewell was a participant in the Revolutionary War, starting in 1775 when he entered service as a volunteer in an independent company.  A short time after he was appointed Lieutenant in the First Virginia Regiment, recruited his complement of men.  In the year 1777 his first regiment joined the main army, traveling north, where he received a Captain’s commission, and continued in the northern service until 1780, when he marched back to Virginia and was appointed Major of Brigade and continued in service until the capitulation of Lord Cornwallis at York, after which he returned home as a supernumerary with constitution injured by six years laboring and faithful service, and was never afterwards required to resume his command.  A law was passed allowing his full pay for five years in commutation of his claim for services rendered during the Revolutionary War.  (From a copy of the Journal of the House Delegates – 1823, page 79.)  During the war years Major Charles Ewell became a cherished friend of General Lafayette, naming one of his sons for him.

Charles and Maria lived in Ballard County when they first arrived in Kentucky in 1826.  At some point the couple moved to 315 North Sixth Street in Paducah, McCracken County.  A bronze maker in the sidewalk reads – “Here in his later years lived and died Major Charles Ewell, Patriot of the Revolutionary War.”  The veteran is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery.

Major Charles Ewell, of the Revolutionary Army.  A gallant soldier, faithful to his county and to his God, born in Prince William Co., Virginia, September 29, 1758, died April 1, 1830.

Maria D. Ewell, born in the Island of Bermuda, June 30, 1788, married George Washington Craik, of Alexandria, Virginia, October 5, 1805.  Married Major Charles Ewell, of Prince William County, Virginia, October 1, 1818.  Removed to McCracken County, Kentucky, December 5, 1826.  A noble woman, she departed to be with Christ, February 27, 1868.

John, son of Major Charles & Maria D. Ewell, born Prince William County, Virginia, August 23, 1819, died July 20, 1890.

Ann Eliza, wife of John Ewell, January 29, 1821-November 14, 1857.

Emma R. Stone, oldest daughter of John & Carrie T. Ewell, May 12, 1862-August 1, 1906.

Annie E. Russell, second daughter of John & Carrie T. Ewell, February 11, 1864-June 22, 1939.

Cynthia E., third daughter of John & Carrie T. Ewell, November 24, 1865-September 6, 1930.

Carrie, youngest daughter of John & Carrie T. Ewell, May 20, 1876-October 23, 1916.

Edwin, third son of John & Carrie T. Ewell, December 21, 1873-January 25, 1956.

Ewell lot

Ewell stones

Tomorrow we study the will of Major Charles Ewell.

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  1. My great great grandmother was Lucy Ewell. This info confirms the work my grandmother did over a 30 year period. This is just wonderful. I was named after Cynthia Ewell.

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