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Montgomery Family Picture?

Sad to say, I do not know anyone in this picture.  I think perhaps it is the Montgomery family of Washington County, Kentucky.  My great-grandfather, Robert E. Lee Montgomery, looks very similar to the gentleman seated in the front row on the left – and the gentleman standing in the back, fourth person from the left.  His father, William Peter Montgomery III, died August 22, 1910, and it looks as if this picture could have been made around that time.  If so, the tiny older lady sitting in the front row could be Martha Ann Carrico Montgomery, wife to William P.  Their children are listed below:

John Thomas Montgomery, b. 1863, married Carrie ?

Robert E. Lee Montgomery, b. 1865, married Frances Barber Linton

Anna Laura Montgomery, b. 1867, married ? Wheatley

William Edward Montgomery, b. 1870

Mary C. Montgomery, b. 1872

Samuel Howard Montgomery, b. 1874, married Lizzie O’Neal

Louise May “Lily” Montgomery, b. 1876, married Albert Brook Rudd

Charles Hampton Montgomery, b. 1878

Frances B. Montgomery, b. 1880

Sarah Isabelle Montgomery, b. 1885

Since this blog was posted I’ve had someone send me a couple of photos that are also of a Montgomery family.  Does anyone recognize the woman in this photo?  She is Molly Montgomery with her husband Charles W. Hand.  The child is Robert Lee Hand.  This photo was taken in Knox County, Tennessee.

Such a beautiful photo – taken in 1897.

The following photo was taken in Mound City, Maryland.  It is Robert Lee Hand as a toddler.  If anyone has information on either of these photos please comment – it will be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

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  1. We are having a Montgomery re-union on June 25 here in Louisville of some of my mother’s cousins. She will be 82 on the same day of the re-union. I will see if any of the elder cousins that are suppose to come may know any other them. They may possibly be cousins to my mom father’s people. On another note, it is a very lovely picture

    • I am the great grand daughter of Joel Clarence Montgomery. Grand daughter to Rollin Hurt Montgomery and my mom is Vermalene ( Mary ) Montgomery Bishop. I am doing the family history and i would like to get some more info plz.

  2. My grandmother was Lily Montgomery. My mother was Mary Huston Rudd Lanham.
    I am VERY hopeful to identify the people in this picture. it is the first time that my family has seen it. unbelievable the resemblance to some of my cousins.
    GREAT PIC!!!!!!! my email is if you get any info.

  3. Yes. I figured that out. i was so excited to see some of the pictures you have posted, old documents, etc on the Montgomery, etc family. the John Yates connection is very interesting. My mother use to speak of her grandfather, William Peter, as a carpenter. She pointed out a house that still stands in Washington County that he built. Do you have any other anecdotal information on this line? I did not know that my ‘Granny Rudd’s’ name was Louise Mary. I thought it was Mary Lillian. She was called Lilly Rudd all of her life. or Mary Lilly Rudd. They say she was the kindest and gentlest of women. She was very old by the time i knew her. The ‘homeplace’ where they lived and raised their family is restored on Lincoln Park Road in Washington
    County. it is the home where the Litsey family lived. Mrs Litsey made/sewed the wedding dress of Nancy Hanks Lincoln. yes, the presidents mother.

    • Thank you for sharing your memories – things like this bring people to life – they are not just a name and a few dates! I can tell you that William Peter was born after the death of his father. His father died June 19, 1833, during the cholera epidemic, and his son, William Peter, was born August 7th. My grandmother, Mary Alice Montgomery Carrico, daughter of Robert E. Lee Montgomery, told me that William Peter was married twice. His first wife was Ann Woodward, who died a few years after their marriage. There is no record of children from this marriage – or at least none that survived. Evidently Robert E. Lee was quite the character. Mom says when they visited for a week he ruled the roost. After dinner he expected them all to go outside with him to sit on the porch and watch the cars go by – and they all did! Or if it was cold weather they sat in front of the fireplace. He didn’t talk much, just liked to have everyone gathered around him!

      • My sister and were discussing the fact that the wife of William Peter that died lived for so long and raised her children. Do you know how she supported her family?

      • William Peter Montgomery made a nuncupative will on July 22, 1833. He leaves everything to Polly as long as she remains single. If she remarries she is to have only what she brought with her. After her death everything is divided equally between all of his children. He appoints William Yates, along with his wife, as executor – to manage his affairs, take care of the children and pay his debts. I’m not sure who this William Yates is – you would think him to be a brother to Polly, but I don’t have him listed as one. None of the children were listed in John Yate’s will – they were all 16 or younger. But to answer your question, I suppose with the farm – and help from William Yates with management – she was able to raise her children. She was a widow for 41 years.

  4. The Martha Ann Carrico Montgomery that you mentioned who might be the little old Lady in the Montgomery picture, if true, would be the sister to my GGFather John Ed Carrico who was the son of Edward Carrico and Matilda Dillehay.

    • I do not have a deed, but looking at the 1850 census of Washington County it lists Mary Montgomery, 50, with children Henry L., 23, Frances E., 19, and William P., 17, on line 1141. Ten households later St. Magdalene’s Convent is listed – the original name for St. Catherine College – of which I think you are familiar! Line 1139 (there is no 1140) is the poorhouse, kept by Richard Smith. That could be another clue. My grandmother, Mary Alice Montgomery Carrico attended St. Catherine Academy – I don’t know if there are still records for the academy, but I would love to get any information I could. I have her silver napkin ring with her initials – A.M. engraved on the side. It was said she used that while at the academy. I attended St. Catherine College for 1 1/2 years and was secretary to Sister Sheila Buckley, the Academic Dean at that time.

  5. That leaves no doubt in my mind that her farm was in the St. Rose community, somewhere south of US 150 in Washington County. Does it list acreage? For generations our famil attended St. Catharine Academy. I graduated from the last class of the Academy in 1971. Where is ‘home’ for you? i would love to get together and compare notes. I have a potential decendent lined up that may be able to identify the people in the Montgomery picture. Just need to arrange a time to meet with her. She remembers ‘Uncle Bob’, ‘Uncle Sam’, and Brother Christopher.

  6. Sorry to say.. no luck on the picture. Where did you find it? Surely some decendent has written on the back who the people are.

  7. I have a picture of Molly Montgomery, who married Charles Hand. They had a son named Robert Lee Hand in 1887. They were married in Loudon County, Tennessee. I’m trying to find any information regarding her ancestors.

      • Yes, Molly Montgomery (Hand) continued to live in Tennessee. I cannot find 1 person anywhere to connect her to, except for her husband’s family, which is my husband’s side of the family. There is a photo of her oldest son, that was taken in 1897 in Mount City, Maryland.

        Thank you so much for your reply.

      • Oh my goodness,

        After re-reading your reply, I noticed that you said Maryland. That is where the picture of Robert Lee Hand, her 1 year old son was taken. Is there anywhere for me to post her picture, to see if anyone recognizes her?

        Thanks again,
        Connie Campbell

  8. Hi! David Montgomery is my fourth-great grandfather on my mother’s side. Her father was Lester Montgomery who died in the 60’s. Her name is Eunice. She has done family genealogy, obituaries, research, and trees within the family and/or county. This picture maybe in the book she did on the Montgomery’s. She has a copy of the book, and there’s binders/folders at the Green County Public Library and Taylor County Public Library with it in them.

    Connie Wright
    Daughter of Eunice Montgomery Wright

      • Sorry, but I don’t think my mother has any copies left of it, and what’s at the libraries is in binders/folders. They have copy machines, if you find it, and will make a copy or copies for you of the page or pages.

  9. My grandmother was Elizabeth Margaret Montgomery born 1900. She had two brothers, John and Shird. Sisters, Cora, Kate and Minnie. She was married to Orin [Owen] McMichael in Washington County, Kentucky around 1916. I can’t find who their parents were. If anyone has this information please advise me Greatly appreciated!

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