St. Charles Catholic Church Cemetery

St. Charles Catholic Church

St. Charles Catholic Church is located in Marion County, Kentucky, in the St. Mary area.  The following are a few of the gravestones located in the cemetery behind and beside the church.  I am working on a CD of all the gravestones in this cemetery, which should be finished towards the end of the year.  Let me know if you would be interested in a copy.  I have taken 848 photos at this time – I may be half finished!

William and Alice Logsdon

Nancy Mills

William Russell

Felix E. Newton

Nancy, wife of Felix Boarman

John Hagan

W. D. Queen and Georgia Cambron, his wife

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  1. I would like to order the cd for the St Charles church information, however I am seeing that you are working on a cd for photos as well. I would like to order both at the same time, can you let me know when you have completed the photos? I have lots of family buried at this cemetery and I am sure the church holds alot of record information that will help me in my genealogy searches. Thanks Linda Timberlake

  2. Shared your link with my son who is a cemetery frequenter and an historian. Thanks for liking my post today with the snowman notecards.
    Going to go and check out your food blog now.

  3. Will you be posting a list of names in this cemetery. I’m looking for Samuel Livers 1771 – 1845 & his wife, Catherine McIvoy Livers died aft. 1840. Thanks.

    • The only information I have is Samuel Livers, born 1771 to Anthony Livers and Mary Wickham. He married Catherine McIlvoy in Washington County, bond 01 Nov 1797. Catherine’s uncle, Roger Roney gave consent. Samuel died 04 Apr 1845. The stone is no longer standing. Catherine is probably a sister to Alexander McIlvoy who was born in Ireland 1769 and settled in Washington County, Kentucky. My step-father, Virgil McIlvoy, is descended from Alexander, and as far as I know they are the only early McIlvoy’s in the county. I hope this helps!

    • Carrie, I have some info on Catherine McAvoy Livers and her family. Her Father is Daniel McAvoy and Mother is Mary Roney who is the sister to Roger Roney, who is in another post on this site. Roger Roney is my ggggrandfather.

  4. I am working on transcribing a 168 yr old Moore family bible that list baptisms of three children between 1880 – 1884. I believe that these baptisms took place at St. Charles but am not certain. I am having trouble with the handwriting/spelling of the Reverend who performed these baptisms. It looks like P. FERRELOUT, FERULOUT, FERMOUT, FERUEOUT.

    I can email you a copy of the page if you need to see it.

    I plan on providing copies of this bible with transcriptions to local libraries for their geneaology rooms and this is the last snag keeping me from completing this project. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Patricia Moore Taylor

  5. Hi there…this looks like you are doing a WONDERFUL work here…only wish you were close to Pendleton and Kenton County…I have been searching for relatives there!

  6. I am a descendant of Alexander McIlvoy and
    Mary McConley through their daughter, Margaret McIlvoy.
    Margaret was born in Ireland around 1805. She married Stephen
    Smith (1802-1867) in Washington Co., Ky in 1827. Both are
    buried at St. Rose Cemetery in Washington Co., KY.
    I have never seen nor heard of the Catherine McIlvoy who
    married Samuel Livers. Who were their children? Is there any
    documentation linking Catherine to Alexander McIlvoy? Keep me
    posted on your research. This is fascinating.

  7. I see that you are working on a CD for St. Charles Cemetery. My gggrandparents, Dr. Benedict Joseph Moore & Mary Olive Sutcliffe Moore, are buried there. If you want brief bios or parents please let me know. Also, I have a copy of Dr. Moore’s bible that has an entry for the burial of a grandchild, Robert Simms Moore son of Dr. John Sutcliffe Moore & Martha Emma Blair Moore, in the St. Charles Cemetery in 1878. I have never seen this entry in the cemetery records. I can send a copy of the bible page if you like.

    Patricia Moore Taylor

  8. My name is Don Hamilton, I live in Zapata, Texas .I am looking for anyone related to the late George L. Hamilton and Mary Hamilton. The are buried in the St Charles cemetery. My forefathers were part of the 60 family migration to Kentucky in the late 1700s.

  9. I am in the early part of doing family research and I just found that my husband’s grandfather, Stephen Wimsatt, bought land, along with Robert Abell and Basil Hayden, for St. Charles Church in 1796 to build St. Charles Church. Have you run across any Wimsatt information in the late 1700’s?

  10. A wonderful and well done website for those of us researching family in Marion Co! I am very interested in the Graves family of the early-mid 1800’s, many born, christened and buried at St Charles. Do you info and gravesite pictures of them on your CDs? I would purchase if the info is there. Thank you so much for all your work.
    Sheila Fallows

      • Thank you for your quick reply. Are there any Graves’ headstones found in the cemetary? Some were buried at the church but maybe the headstones are missing?

      • C. H. (Merriweather) Graves 03 Nov 1818 23 Mar 1895 B 1651 Graves, Edward A.
        Edward A. Graves 03 Nov 1818 16 Jul 1889 B 1650 Merriweather, C. H.
        Elizabeth (Cannon) Graves 12 Dec 1800 20 Jul 1852 A 1 1 1 1346 Graves, Jessamine A.
        Jesse Graves 28 Feb 1827 30 Jan 1866 N/A Downs, Martha A.
        John Hamilton Graves 31 Jan 1831 19 Sep 1861 C 122 Cooper, Mary
        Maria (Mattingly) Graves 1814 11 Apr 1846 N/A Graves, George
        W. J. Graves 1853 1915 121
        William J. Graves 1853 1915 C 111

        These are the members of the Graves family that I know are buried in St. Charles Cemetery. The numbers at the end of the line (1651, etc.) tell me the number of the photo I’ve taken (if there is one). If there is a name past that it is their spouse. I hope this helps!

      • Thank you again! If I can ask you one (or 2) more question….Maria (Mattingly) Graves on your list has no picture number. Do you know if there is a headstone to take a picture of?

        She is my great grandmother x3 who died in 1846 shortly before her husband (George Noble Graves) and children left for California and settled in Monterey County. Before leaving he married a Nancy Walker (possibly from Missouri).

        Lastly, does Washington Co have death certificates that date back to 1846 or any registry of deaths at that time and where might those be or who would I contact?

        Thank you again and I really appreciate your work and anything you can share with me.

        Sheila Fallows Hamilton, MT

      • Sheila, a lot of records were destroyed when the Washington county courthouse was destroyed by fire during the civil war. Also my great grandmother was Mary Harriet Mattingly, 1836-1880. My great grandfather was William C Hamilton. I would say there is a possibility that we are distantly related. Good luck in your searches.

  11. I don’t know how far you have gone back in your research of the Graves family. In doing my search of the Hamilton family I found that Thomas Graves is a very distant relative of mine. He came to America from England in 1607 or 1608 on the ship Mary and Margaret which was the first or 2nd supply ship to the original Jamestown colony. He was also a member of the first legislative assembly in the new colony.

    • Thank you, Don. As best as I can research at this time we don’t follow the same family lineage of that Graves…but it’s a very interesting history you have.

  12. I am looking for graves for Allen and Elizabeth Catherine Hood. No obituaries, death certificates, or grave info can be found. Can someone help?

  13. My name is JB Hamilton Queen, direct descendent of Leonard Hamilton from Charles County, Maryland, who came to Washington County around 1791. I am working on getting the documentation needed for my Daughters of the American Revolution application and am in need of documents regarding my great grandmother Mary Harriet Mattingly Hamilton’s, baptismal, birth, marriage, and death. I have census that prove she was married to my great grandfather William Clement Hamilton. I contacted St. Charles Catholic Church for his death record, which I need, which is said to be in Book 1 of their Death Register, but they said they could not find it. Any help you can provide will be much appreciated. Thank you.

  14. Hello
    I just noticed your last name of “Queen ” Our “Queen ” came with the group from Maryland. In need of birth records / burial or marriage for any Queens.
    We are unable to find my gr, gr grandfather birth, his parentage their birth death and marriage.
    If you have anything on the Queen and would like to share, that would be awesome.
    We have a Facebook page called descendants of Samuel Queen if you would like to join.
    Thank you

    • Hi Joan, Thank you for your comment. My husband’s family name is Queen. I have done some research on the family. I do know that Queens were indeed in Maryland the same time as the Hamiltons. If I remember correctly, a lot of his people went to Virginia, then to North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. John McQueen was born August 21, 1653 in Scotland and died March 18, 1711 in St. Mary’s, Maryland. The Queen (MacQueen) clan are highlanders, Inverness, Scotland. We went there in 2016, a most beautiful place. I found the coincidence that his people, the Queens, and my people, the Hamiltons, lowlanders, were separated all those hundreds of years by only about 50 miles, and then were in Maryland, and also Kentucky, at the same times. I don’t know if this information helps you in any way, but if you have other questions, please feel free to send me a message. Best wishes to you. JB Hamilton Queen

  15. I would like to order both as well. Thanks for the hard work. I am researching the James “Popey” Howard (1767 -1856 and John Henry Payne (1769-1846) families. Theresa

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