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Marriage of John W. Parrish and Elizabeth White

John Wesley Parrish and Elizabeth White

The marriage license for John Wesley Parrish and Elizabeth White was procured on November 17, 1852, and the marriage rites performed November 18, 1852, at the house of E. White (probably Elizabeth’s brother Elisha White), in the County of Washington, in the presence of Green Hardin, Elizabeth Laber, John T. Hardin and William Bishop.  The ceremony was performed by Henry H. Prather.

Elizabeth was the daughter of Samuel Riley White and Martha Lewis.  She and John had six children:  Belva A., James Minor, Cordelia, Willie F., Everett L. and George H.

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    trying to connect Lee Parrish to His father. I think he moved to Ky. After his birth in NC and then on to Indiana. Lee was born in 1798 .

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