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Today In Genealogy History – August 9, 2011

Matilda Mary Grimes died 191 years ago – August 9, 1820 – in St. Louis, Missouri.  Matilda married Daniel Carrico, son of Vincent and Susannah Quick Carrico.  Matilda and Daniel had two children, Susan and Vincent.

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  1. Afternoon,

    We just looked at your posting about Daniel Carrico and Mathilda Mary Grimes. We feel that Daniel had two wives and many more children than you show. Daniel is my GGG Grandfather. If you are interested in what we have please contact us at


    Marilyn and Dan Devaney in Hawaii

  2. Daniel Carrico was married two times, His first wife was Matilda. His second wife was Mary Grimes (she is the sister of my John Grimes Jr.). Daniel and Mary married Jan 7, 1821 in St. Ferdinand St. Louis Co.
    There is no way she was born on Aug. 9, 1820

  3. Hi Phyllis and Kim,

    We have been in touch some time back. Daniel’s first wife was Matilda Carrico, daughter of Walter Carrico the brother of Daniel’s father Vincent, so he married his first cousin. Daniel and his second wife Mary Grimes had eleven children not just two.

    Marilyn and Dan Devaney in Hawaii

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