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Deed Between Thomas Owsley and Valentine Peyton

Prince William County, virginia, Deed Book E

pp. 76-82

This indenture made the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth day of August in the year of our Lord 1740 between Thomas Owsley of Prince William County, Virginia,  Gentleman, of one part, and Valentine Peyton, of ye same county, Gentleman, of other part.  Witnesseth that said Thomas Owsley for the sum of seventy pounds current money of Virginia have granted unto the said Valentine Peyton and to his heirs and assigns, seven hundred and eleven acres of land being in Prince William County and upon the Little River of Goose Creek and the branches thereof being part of a tract of 1449 acres of land granted by deed to the said Thomas Owsley from the proprietors office bearing the date ye 14th day of May 1740 and is bounded – beginning at a white oak in a piece of low ground at about five poles distance from the mouth of a branch called Barton’s Branch and on ye East or lower side thereof and running thence North to two red oaks and a hickory in Carter’s line, thence S.W. a hickory and 2 white oaks, thence S.E. to a white oak, thence East to the beginning (all which premises are now in ye actual possession of him, ye said Valentine Peyton, by virtue of an indenture of bargain and sale for one year, and by virtue of ye statute for transferring of uses into possession) to the only proper use and behoove of him, said Valentine Peyton, and his heirs forever.  In witness whereof said Thomas Owsley hath set his hand and affixed his seal in the presence of John Gregg, George Harrison and Daniel French                                                                    Thomas Owsley

At a court held for Prince William County August the 26th 1740, Thomas Owsley acknowledged this lease, release and receipt to be his acts and deeds and they were thereupon admitted to record.  Then Anne, his wife, (she being first privately examined) relinquished her right of dower in the land by this deed conveyed which was also admitted to record.

Know all men by these presents that I, Thomas Owsley, of Prince William County, am held and firmly bound unto Valentine Peyton in the sum of two hundred pounds sterling this sixth day of August 1740.  The condition of this obligation is such that if Thomas Owsley shall truly observe all article mentioned in a pair of deeds of lease and release in all things according to the meaning of the same deeds then this present obligation to be voided and of none effect or else to remain in full force and virtue.  In the presence of John Gregg, George Harrison and Daniel French                            Thomas Owsley

At a court continued and held for Prince William County August the 26th 1740 Thomas Owsley acknowledged this bond to be his act and deed and it was thereupon admitted to record.

On margin – 4th August 1744, deeded to T. Young

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  1. John C.. Ritchey fought in the Rev. War.
    Would your Ritchey’s be connected with this line?
    I also have two Thomas Owsley’s in my genealogy.

    • What are your dates on your Thomas Owsley’s? Do you know where they lived? I’m not sure. There were two Ritchey brothers – John and James that were born in Ireland about 1750 and came to this country, but I’m not sure they were here before the Revolution.

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