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Indenture Between George Tuberville and William Lane

Prince William County, Virginia, Deed Book E

pp. 142-146

This Indenture made the twenty second day of October in the fourteenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second, and in the year one thousand seven hundred and forty between George Turberville of the county of Westmoreland, Gentleman, of one part and William Lane of Prince William County, Cooper, of the other part.  Witnesseth that George Tuberville, for the yearly rents hereinafter reserved, hath set and to farm let unto the said William Lane and Sarah his wife, and John Lane, son of the said William and Sarah, all that parcel of land containing one hundred and fifty acres whereon the said William Lane now lives, laid off for the said William Lane by the said George Tuberville, being on a Branch issuing out of Salisbury Plain Run in the Parish of Truro and County of Prince William aforesaid, and is part of a tract of four thousand one hundred forty-two acres three roods and five perches as by a proprietors deed granted the said George Tuberville, bearing date the twenty-seventh day of March 1727, adjoining upon the land laid off for James Lane and bounded Beginning at a stake in a glade supposed to be Colonel Henry Lee’s corner, running thence NE to a stake in a glade 1 pole distance short of a marked black oak, thence SE to a white oak and from thence to three white oaks about one chain from each tree facing inwards to Colonel Henry Lee’s line and from thence along the said Lee’s line to the first station.  To have and to hold the said one hundred and fifty acres of land from the date hereof during the term of the natural lives of them, William Lane and Sarah his wife, and the said John Lane, son of said William and Sarah and the life of the longest liver of them paying yearly since the twenty fifth day of December 1739 being the first year when rent was to be paid, the annual rent of five hundred and thirty pounds of neat tobacco as the law shall direct.  Tobacco payments on the twenty-fifth day of December in every year unto George Turberville or assigns as also six capon hens or pullets annually on the first day of January, commonly called New Year’s Day, as further acknowledgement if the same shall be lawfully demanded.  And the said William Lane for himself doth promise with said George Tuberville that he will within two years next ensuing the date hereof build and erect upon the premises one forty foot tobacco house, one twenty foot dwelling house and all other such houses as shall be necessary for the use of the said plantation, also to plant one hundred and fifty apple trees and two hundred and fifty peach trees on such part as to the said George Tuberville shall seem convenient and at all times keep the same in good and sufficient tenantable repair and said John Lane may upon paying a fine to the value of double rent have another life added in case of the death of either of these three.  In witness whereof the said parties have hereunto set their hands and seals.

George Tuberville

In presence of Andrew Hutchison, Elias Davis, John Hutchison, William Hutchison, James Lane, Robert Thomas

At a Court held for Prince William County November the 24th, 1740.  This lease was proved by the oaths of Andrew Hutchison, William Hutchison and James Lane, three of the witnesses thereto to be the act and deed of George Tuberville, Gentleman, and were thereupon admitted to record.

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  1. James Lane’s “twenty foot dwelling house” was called Albion and was demolished in 1937.

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