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Maidstone Survey for Peter Carrico

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Peter Carrico is my 5th great-grandfather – my mother is his 4th great-granddaughter in direct line, Catherine Lyons Carrico.  Previously I mentioned that I thought the name Carrico could be French or Italian, but after my DNA testing and more research, I believe it to be Portuguese.  Be that as it may, Peter Carrico came to Maryland in the early years of his life, marrying Ann Gates after 1721 in Charles County.  Notice in the body of this resurvey that the land was resurveyed for Ann Gates in 1721 – obviously before her marriage to Peter Carrico.  When Ann died about 1735, Peter married  Margaret Gates – probably a cousin to Ann.  Peter died at Bryantown Hundred, Charles County, Maryland, October 18, 1765.

The Carrico’s were part of the migration of Catholic families from Maryland to Kentucky in the last years of the 18th century, who settled in Washington, Nelson and Marion counties.

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Maidstone Survey for Peter Carrico

Maryland                                                                               March 4th, 1734

By virtue of a special warrant out of his Lordship’s Land Office bearing date the tenth day of September, last granted unto Peter Carrico of Charles County to resurvey a tract or parcel of land lying in Charles County aforesaid, originally on the seventeenth day of June 1675 granted unto a certain John Hunt for the quantity of one hundred acres, and resurveyed again on the ninth of November 1721 for a certain Ann Gates for the quantity of two hundred and fifteen acres, with liberty to include its surplusage and add what vacant land may be found contiguous thereto. This is therefore to certify that I have resurveyed and laid out for and the name of him, the said Peter Carrico, the aforesaid tract of land according to its ancient metes and bounds, including eighty nine acres of surplusage bounded as follows. Beginning at a bounded white oak sapling standing at the edge of an old field at the place where the original first bound tree of the said tract stood, running thence north twenty perches to a bounded tree of a tract of land called Canterbury, and with the said land north and west one hundred and ninety two perches, then south west one hundred perches, then south eighty eight degrees west one hundred and twenty perches to a bounded white oak, a bound tree aforesaid, tract then southeast one hundred and thirty perches, then south thirteen degrees west sixty five perches to a bounded beech the last bound tree of said tract, thence with a straight line to the first beginning, containing one hundred and eighty nine acres and have added thereto one hundred and twenty three acres of vacancy and reduced all into one entire tract called Maidstone, bounded as follows, beginning at the aforesaid bound white oak sapling at the place where the original first bound tree of the said tract stood, running thence north forty perches, then north eighty one degrees, west forty eight perches to the bound tree of Canterbury aforesaid, then north and by west one hundred and ninety two perches, then west thirty six perches, then south sixty four degrees, west one hundred and sixteen perches then north fifty three degrees, west eighty three perches, then north sixty degrees, west one hundred and forty perches, then north and by east fifty six perches, then south east one hundred and ninety two perches, then south nine degrees, east ninety six perches to a bounded beech, then with a straight line to the first beginning. Containing and now resurveyed and laid out for three hundred and twelve acres to be held of Calvert Manor.                     William Hanson


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  1. Hi. Do you know of any connection between the Carrico family and Meltons? My ancestors were part of the Catholic migration from Maryland to Kentucky and then to Mexico Missouri. My great grandmother Celia Bruner Melton died in 1900 in Mexico Missouri and Joe Carrico was one of the pallbearers. I would very much appreciate any insights you may have.


      • Thank you! I have a picture of Joseph Carrico’s headstone from St. Brenden’s Catholic cemetery in Mexico Missouri that I took earlier this fall. I am not sure how to post it. I would bet that he is connected to your line. This part of my tree includes a variety of surnames that are all connected to St. Mary’s Maryland and the Rolling Fork settlement in Kentucky, including Melton, Jarboe, Bruner, Elder and McAtee.

        Thanks again.

  2. Thanks to whomever posted this. My father and I are currently in Charles County, MD researching our lineage and, while I doubt we will find that tract of land, it’s amazing to see mention of it in writing.

    • I am also a decendant of Peter Carrico via sullivan County Indiana and I would like to hear if you had any success searching in Maryland.

      George Bray

    • Hi Patrick, My 4th Grt Grandmother was Mary Carrico, married to Benjamin H Kerrick of Charles County MD. I may have an old copy of maps of the 1700’s of Charles County land. If I find something I can pass it on.

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